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Another Double Rainbow

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Mary Ann and I were talking by phone around 7 p.m. when she said she saw a rainbow. It had not been much of a storm, a little thunder and lighting, but not a whole lot of rain. Then she said the rainbow was getting brighter. We were about done talking and she had to get back to work. But first there was the matter of recording yet another rainbow over Cleveland. The view is looking southeastward.


Storm Light

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Photographs featuring storm light can be planned, but often they occur by happenstance. You’re in the middle of a storm, but it passes through and the sun comes out behind it. Such was the case when Mary Ann Whitley was taking a break at work following a storm and captured this image of the gold budding trees against the back of the storm.

Written by csanders429

June 16, 2017 at 6:40 am

Storm Light Dorm

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I was driving through a thunderstorm to visit a college friend who lives in Charleston, Illinois.

By the time I got to Charleston, the rain had stopped. It was early on a May evening.

As I drove along 4th Street through the campus of Eastern Illinois University, I noticed the clouds were breaking.

It was at Eastern where my friend and I had met many years ago as students and where he at the time taught as a journalism professor.

Most of the residence halls at EIU are located on the southern edge of the campus. As I passed the residence hall district the sun caught the side of Lawson Hall and created a classic storm light scene.

I pulled over and got my camera out. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to photograph storm light.

When I was a student at Eastern, Lawson Hall was a women’s dorm. Maybe it still is.

My sister lived there for a time after she began attending Eastern, but I don’t remember if I was ever inside the building. If so, I remember nothing about it.

This image is more cluttered in the foreground than I would like. I was aware of that when making it, but I had only enough time for a grab shot.

I framed it as well as I could from where I was standing in a parking lot. I could have gotten closer to be able to crop out those wire. But that would have created a different angle and maybe not as much of the dark sky behind the building.

I didn’t have much time to ponder how to create a better image. I had a friend to meet up with and we had much to catch up on since I had seen him a year earlier. Some moments you just have to live with imperfection.

Threatening Skies at Tawas Point

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It has been an on and off stormy day near Tawas Point State Park in Michigan. We were visiting the lighthouse there and hoping that the rain held off.

It didn’t and we had to take shelter in the gift store until the rain passed.

Once it did, I had one of those opportunities that often comes right after a storm. There was a break in the clouds that allowed sunlight to come through against a backdrop of the back edge of the storm.

The result was about as dramatic an image of the Tawas Point lighthouse as I’m ever likely to make.

Storm is Coming

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I’m rolling through North Dakota aboard Amtrak’s Empire Builder. For awhile I’ve been watching out my window as a thunderstorm has been brewing.

We’re about to get into the heart of the storm, but behind us is still clear skies. The result is what photographers call storm light.

I’ve seldom been able to capture scenes with good storm light. Some photographers are storm chasers and I’ve long admired some of the dramatic work they’ve been able to produce.

It can be difficult to make good photographs from a train. The rocking motion makes it tough to hold the camera still and you must contend with reflections from the windows. But everything seemed to work out well with this image.

This storm was relatively brief and we were through it in no time and back into clear skies. But for one moment it produced some memorable views.