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Storm Light

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Photographs featuring storm light can be planned, but often they occur by happenstance. You’re in the middle of a storm, but it passes through and the sun comes out behind it. Such was the case when Mary Ann Whitley was taking a break at work following a storm and captured this image of the gold budding trees against the back of the storm.

Written by csanders429

June 16, 2017 at 6:40 am

Storm Light Dorm

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I was driving through a thunderstorm to visit a college friend who lives in Charleston, Illinois.

By the time I got to Charleston, the rain had stopped. It was early on a May evening.

As I drove along 4th Street through the campus of Eastern Illinois University, I noticed the clouds were breaking.

It was at Eastern where my friend and I had met many years ago as students and where he at the time taught as a journalism professor.

Most of the residence halls at EIU are located on the southern edge of the campus. As I passed the residence hall district the sun caught the side of Lawson Hall and created a classic storm light scene.

I pulled over and got my camera out. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to photograph storm light.

When I was a student at Eastern, Lawson Hall was a women’s dorm. Maybe it still is.

My sister lived there for a time after she began attending Eastern, but I don’t remember if I was ever inside the building. If so, I remember nothing about it.

This image is more cluttered in the foreground than I would like. I was aware of that when making it, but I had only enough time for a grab shot.

I framed it as well as I could from where I was standing in a parking lot. I could have gotten closer to be able to crop out those wire. But that would have created a different angle and maybe not as much of the dark sky behind the building.

I didn’t have much time to ponder how to create a better image. I had a friend to meet up with and we had much to catch up on since I had seen him a year earlier. Some moments you just have to live with imperfection.