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Want to Park Your Boat Out Front?

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I’ve never owned nor had any desire to have a boat, but I a lot of people do and some of them probably have dreamed about being to park their boat next to their house.

If you live in a certain section of Vermilion, Ohio, you can do that.

This boat friendly housing development was created by digging canals off the Vermilion River near where it the waterway empties into Lake Erie.

Presumably, there are alleys behind the houses to allow access by motor vehicles.


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February 16, 2018 at 6:51 am

Marooned in the Ice

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There must be a story behind how this sailboat came to be marooned in an ice field near the mouth of the Grand River in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, where it meets Lake Erie.

I doubt that the boat’s owner made the decision to store his boat in the middle of the river for the winter. Maybe it broke loose from a dock and drifted as far as the ice would allow. Maybe someone was trying to steal it. Maybe it was abandoned. I’ll likely never know.

In the background is the town of Fairport Harbor and the Grand River Light, which also features a museum that is open during the summer.

Good Day to Go Sailing

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I was in South Haven, Michigan, to photograph the lighthouse which can be seen to at right at end of a long pier extending out into Lake Michigan.

The lighthouse guards the entrance to the harbor, which is a channel that makes for a good place to watch the boats come and go.

A sailboat is motoring out into the lake and will have plenty of wind in its sails once it unfurls them.

Peaceful Sunday Morning

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It was mid morning on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend 2016. I had driven to Westfield, New York, in search of a new lighthouse to add to my collection of photographs.

There is a park attached to the public boat launch at Barcelona Harbor that also features a nice view of Lake Erie.

What struck me about this location was how peaceful it was. The water was still, the air fresh and all was quiet.

A few people were getting ready to launch their boats to enjoy a beautiful day on the lake.

No one seemed to be stirring over on these docks. Perhaps it was too early and they would be down later to go sailing or boating.

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September 13, 2016 at 7:05 am