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Standing Guard

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There is an admission charge to enter the Art Institute of Chicago, but some exhibits can be viewed for free, including the massive lions that stand guard  at the main entrance off Michigan Avenue.

The twin lions that stand on pedestals are as old as the museum itself, having been placed there in 1894

The Art Institute was established at its current site at the conclusion of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.

The lions were sculpted by Edward Kemeys, who the Art Institute describes as a self-taught artist and “the nation’s first great animalier (sculptor of animals).”

The lions were unveiled on May 10, 1894, and have been viewed countless times by numerous generations of Chicago residents and visitors.

The sculptures weigh more than two tons apiece.

The Art Institute said Kemeys modeled them after African lions. The north lion is depicted as “on the prowl” while the south lion displays “an attitude of defiance.”

In the images above, the south lion is shown on top while the north lion is below.


Up With the Sun in the Desert

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For most of my life I was never an earlier riser, particularly when I didn’t need to be. But in recent years that has changed.

Consequently, I’m seeing more sunrises than I once did. During a trip to Arizona more than a year ago I got up before sunrise to make this series of images of the sun rising over the Santa Catalina Mountains northeast of Tucson.

It was not as dramatic as the sunset I had seen the previous evening, but I still enjoyed seeing the rising sun color the clouds over the mountains and hearing the birds chirping as a new day began in the Sonoran Desert.

The Look of Winter

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We get a lot of snow in Northeast Ohio and, of course, it also can get quite cold. The snow, ice and freezing temperatures are not among the qualities of this region that many who live here would list as among their favorite things unless you are a photographer.

Shown in this photo essay are the many faces of Conneaut Creek in January. I was in Conneaut on a rare sunny, although quite cold, day. The water was mostly covered in ice although there were a few cracks where the water continued to flow and had not yet frozen. Soon enough, this ice will be gone. It only seems like winter lasts forever.


Not Gonna Open My Eyes

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Yeah, I knew you are making photographs of me and you want me to open my eyes, but I’m in the middle of a nap in the afternoon sunlight and that’s more important than any photograph you want to make. Come back in a couple of hours and maybe I’ll be awake.

Written by csanders429

February 15, 2018 at 7:08 am

Beauty of Hoar Frost

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I don’t get many opportunity to photograph hoar frost, a deposit of  ice crystals. Not unlike the formation of dew, hoar frost restuls from condensation of water vapor to ice at temperatures below freezing and occurs when air is brought to its frost point through cooling.

Not long ago a friend and I encountered hoar frost along the Grand River in Painesville, Ohio.

It was a sunny day and those ice crystals were melting before out eyes. Still, hoar frost creates a beauty unique to winter

Written by csanders429

February 9, 2018 at 6:37 am

Not Going Far to Find Winter

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It was early January and I was itching to get out and make some winter photographs. Snow covered everything, but I was more or less grounded due to a dead battery in my car.

On the second of January the sun came out and I decided to venture out into my neighborhood to get some winter scenes.

I didn’t have to go far. There was still snow on the bushes of my neighbors. So I made a few grab shots that constituted my initial winter photograph foray.

There have been and will be more. As I write this, we’re having a January thaw, but I’m confident that within a week or two more winter will be on its way.

Written by csanders429

January 22, 2018 at 7:09 am

Where Will the Road Take You?

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I’ve always seen an open road as an invitation to travel, even if for just a short distance. As a photographer I find a road hard to resist when out making images.

Shown is Gates Pass Road near Tucson, Arizona. It passes through Tucson Mountain Park and we had stopped at a pullover so I could make images of the surrounding mountains.

As often happens, I find myself making open road images when I am actually seeking to photograph something else.

Gates Pass is a twisting, turning road that goes up and over the mountains and is typically traveled by those going from Tucson to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum or the Old Tucson amusement park.

The view here is looking eastward. Follow this road as you see it here and you’ll eventually wind up back in Tucson.