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Paint My Picture

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Somehow, I think that the idea of getting a portrait made was not the idea of this tot but was the doings of his parents.

Dad is holding the child in Jackson Square in New Orleans as a street artist creates a rendering.


Lunch by the Ice

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This image made on the shore of Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago presents some contrasts. It is a nice spring day as is evident by the clothing being worn by this couple sitting on the sidewalk along the lake.

It is nice enough that she is barefoot while eating lunch. Yet he is not eating at all.

Behind them the water of the lake is still frozen. But not for long. When I passed through Chicago a few days later the ice had all but vanished.

An Ice Cream Day

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It was a nice spring day although not really too warm as you can see by the attire that these people are wearing. Yet there was just enough sunshine and the temperatures were just warm enough and the winter having been long enough that some wanted to go out for ice cream. The line has formed at the window for Jeni’s Spendid Ice Creams in German Village in Columbus, Ohio.

Edgewater Park Sunset

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A sun-splashed day in late September is not unusual but having 90 degree temperatures on that day is out of the ordinary. Cleveland residents and visitors turned out in droves in Edgewater Park to enjoy the summer-like weather that felt more like July than early autumn. They were still out in large numbers at the park trying to enjoy every minute of an unusual day as the sun sank over Lake Erie, .

Who Has Texted Me Lately?

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A student at Penn State University checks her smart phone to see who has sent her message lately. She is walking on the sidwalk that leads to the Patee Library. Judging by the way she is shielding her phone with her left hand, the summer sun must be making it difficult to see the phone’s screen.

Written by csanders429

December 8, 2017 at 8:32 am

He Screamed for Ice Cream

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One of the most popular places on the Penn State campus is the Berkey Creamery. In fact no visit to PSU is complete without stopping by to get a cone or dish of ice cream.

The Creamery sells other dairy products and other items, but ice cream is No. 1. On a a football Saturday there will e a long line out the door waiting their turn to buy a scoop.

They’ll even pack a half-gallon or two in dry ice for you to take home. We’ve done that many times.

On a hot summer day, nothing beats getting a dish of your favor flavor and eating it on the patio outside as this man is doing. The color of his ice cream seems to match the color of his shorts.

Waiting for the Camera

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Members of the Kent State University gymnastics team mill about in a downtown park as they await having photographs made on a Friday afternoon.

The area where the team members are standing used to be in the Cuyahoga
River, but several years ago the dam out of view to the right was closed and the water channeled into a former canal that can be see behind them.

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October 24, 2017 at 6:07 am