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Another Penn State Graduate and the Nittany Lion

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The limestone Nittany Lion statue  is probably the most photographed location on the campus of Penn State University at University Park. Thousands of Penn State graduates have had a photograph made of themselves standing with the lion.

It was not graduation day when I happened upon this mother taking making an image of her daughter posing with the lion.

Perhaps they wanted to make their image on a day when not as many people would be waiting in line for their turn with the lion.

We’re Getting Married on the Beach

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They say that nothing is certain in life except death and taxes. Add to that list paperwork. I was on a beach on Lake Michigan near Holland looking to photograph a lighthouse there when I ran across this wedding party.

The vows have been exchanged and the guests are milling around. But before the couple can continue on with their new life together they must sign some paperwork.

Waiting for Godot? No, Waiting for a Bus

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Waiting for Godot is a play that you might expect literature or drama majors on a college campus to be familiar with.

The Samuel Beckett play is about two characters waiting for someone named Godot who never shows up. Unlike the characters of Vladimir and Estragon, though, these two students at Indiana University are waiting for something more mundane.

They are waiting for a bus to come on East Seventh Street in Bloomington. They are reposing along the stone wall that borders Dunn Meadow, a popular campus gathering spot.

Unlike the characters in the play, the bus is likely to show up — eventually.

Scenes From a Late Summer Day in the Park

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It was a weekday in late August. The skies were mostly sunny and the temperature was warm. I had ventured into Presque Isle State Park near Erie, Pennsylvania, to photograph a pair of lighthouses.

But parks are rich with photo opportunities, particularly human interest images. In the top image, a mother looks back at her youngest son as she paddled with her older son in Lake Erie just off a beach.

She might have told the younger boy to get back on the beach because I soon saw him digging in the sand with his sister.

In the middle photograph, those who have the day off or some time off took advantage of the weather to get in some fishing along this pier on the other side of the park from the beach.

Of course, parks along major bodies of water are sure to present nature scenes that catch your eye.

Such was the case with this driftwood that is piled up along the shore. Perhaps a storm or a rising tide will lift this wood back into the water and it will drift along to another landing spot.

The Girls on the Train

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I was making photographs of a Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad train at the Akron station. A couple of women aboard the train noticed me and began waving. So I caught their reaction. I don’t know who they are, but it was one of those spontaneous moments in which you need to be ready to react if you’re going to capture the moment.

After getting a couple images, I gave them a thumbs up and they gave me the same gesture in return. The train them departed and the two women would enjoy a brunch in a dining car as they train passed through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Making a Point

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I spotted this couple standing next to the edge of Lake Erie at Headlands Beach State Park. It was happenstance that I captured them as she was raising her stick to point at something out on the lake.

But what was it? There is nothing in the photo that can be seen. A close look shows she appears to be pointing at something off to the right.

I don’t recall there being anything out there out of the ordinary.

Perhaps she was indicating the location where something had been in the past.

Or maybe she is not pointing at anything in particular but only making a point about who knows what.

Whatever it was, it was just one of many moments they shared on this late summer day.

Anyone Here Want to Board Train 393?

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I’ve just gotten off Amtrak train No. 393 in Mattoon, Illinois. Although I grew up here, I haven’t lived in this city since 1983.

I’m here to visit my Dad and aside from the fact that I like train travel, taking Amtrak is a convenient way to journey to my former hometown.

I set my luggage down and got out my camera to snap a few images of the train at the former Illinois Central Railroad station.

I didn’t have anything in particular in mind that I wanted to portray other than another day at another train station in another place.

Most of the images that I made were nothing special, but as I reviewed those impromptu photographs this one stood out.

What makes this photograph for me is the conductor. My eyes are drawn to him and in turn up the steps and aboard the train in a sort of beckoning to travel.

The conductor might be saying something to the man in the blue shirt in the foreground or he might be looking to see if anyone wants to board his train.

Most of the passengers shown here are disembarking and had boarded the train at its point of origin, Chicago Union Station.

I don’t remember if anyone boarded No. 393, which in the Amtrak timetable carries the name the Illini.

Momentarily, the conductor will speak into his radio, “highball No. 393,” and the train will proceed to its next stop in Effingham en route to its destination of Carbondale, Illinois.

I’ll have greeted my Dad and we’ll have gone out to dinner to begin catching up on what has been going on in our respective lives.