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Reflections on a Reflection

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Many of my favorite photographs were accident and/or happenstance. Such was the case with this image of a reflection of the former Erie Railroad passenger station in Kent, Ohio, in a pool of the decorative dam on the
Cuyahoga River.

The story behind this image begins with a walk down to the observation platform that can be seen toward the right middle of the image.

My intent was to get a close up view of the late day sun hitting the station, which is now an Italian restaurant named Treno, which is Italian for train.

The dam used to be functional, but several years ago the river was channeled away from it and into the remnants of the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal. What had been the river became dry land that was transformed into a park while the dam was renovated to become, in essence, a giant water fountain.

The top of the dam is quite high, about at my eye level. I happened to notice the station reflecting in the pool at the top of the dam and thought it would make a nice photograph.

I made it but all you see was the reflection in the water. I lifted my camera above my head and head it over the railing in the foreground.

A Canon 60D has a foldout screen that can be angled up or down. That came in handy in being able to see what the lens was seeing. The result was, perhaps, my best image of the day.

What appears to be a reflection from a flash toward the right end of the station is actually the sun reflecting off a window.


Cleveland Skyline

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It is late on a Sunday afternoon in late September. A friend and I are visiting Wendy Park in downtown Cleveland, which runs along the west bank of the Cuyahoga River. It’s a great location from which to make a portrait of the skyline of Cleveland, or at least a portion of it.

Look carefully and you’ll see that the Huntington Bank building to the left of Key Tower appears to have two different shades. It is a produce of the sun hitting the angled building at different angles.

Brick Sandwich

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There are people who like to walk the Lake Erie beach at Headlands Beach State Park near Mentor, Ohio, looking for whatever catches their eye.

They carry bags and seek glass, rocks, driftwood and who knows what else to take home and put on display.

But would someone take home this? It appears to be a brick that washed ashore, but in my imagination it is akin to a brick sandwich with its layer of red surrounding an interior of light gray.


Written by csanders429

October 20, 2017 at 5:11 am

An Autumn Day Along the Canal

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The Ohio & Erie Canal was built in the 19th century to link the Ohio River with Lake Erie. The coming of railroads doomed the canal as a viable transportation artery, particularly through the Cuyahoga River Valley between Cleveland and Akron, Ohio.

Today the canal survives in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, its former towpath having been transformed into a hiking and biking trail that is used by thousands every year.

In this series of photographs, it is early November on a Saturday afternoon. I’m going for a walk with my camera along the trail north of Brecksville to capture what is still a substantial amount of fall foliage.

It may have been past peak, but there was still plenty of color to admire.

Industrial Space

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You can find blocks like this one in every American city and town of any size.

An old red brick factory sits in the heart of the city, often next to a railroad track.

Some of these industries are very much alive and well while others sit silent and vacant as monuments to another era. In a few cases, the buildings have been repurposed.

I’m not sure of the status of this industrial site in Marion, Ohio, but there is something about it that is quintessentially American and typical of the Midwest.

The boarded up windows on the first floor suggest abandonment, but the windows on the second floor suggests life.

The fading paint on the side that once proclaimed what company owned this building and what it made is a testament to another time.

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October 18, 2017 at 6:17 am

Eyes on a Landing Spot

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I was sitting on the bank of the Vermilion River where an endless parade of boats along with birds coming and going gave me something to watch. A gull swoops down over the water, its eyes on a landing spot just ahead.

Written by csanders429

October 17, 2017 at 7:23 am

Field of Driftwood

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You will find driftwood on just about any beach. Trees get knocked down in storms, fall into a lake and the water current takes them along for a ride.

In time, the currents carry the drifting wood back to shore and deposit it. Maybe a high tide will sweep the wood back out for another ride on the water or maybe this will be the permanent home for the piece of driftwood.

This field of driftwood is at the far eastern end of the beach at Headlands Beach State Park near Mentor, Ohio.

In the background is the Fairport Harbor West Breakwater lighthouse.