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Relic of a Different Era

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Many small towns in America have a structure like this one. It’s an old hotel that is located in Gowanda, New York.

It is about a block from the former Erie Railroad passenger station, but it has been decades since passenger trains stopped there.

When the trains ceased running, the hotel probably lost a lot of its business.

I get the impression that the sign notwithstanding, this building is no longer a hotel and hasn’t been for some time.

More than likely it is an apartment building. Look at fan in the window. Would a hotel in 21st century America lack air conditioning as the presence of this fan suggests?

Well, I suppose it could lack functioning air conditioning. If so, that tells you something about the owner of this building.


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May 8, 2018 at 6:41 am

New York at Night

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I made my first and only visit to the observatory of the World Trade Center in early November 1981. I was visiting a friend who lived in the Big Apple although we had met back in Springfield, Illinois, when we both worked for the state.

We visited the WTC twice on the same day. The first visit occurred during daylight hours. I might have said something about what a nice view it would be at night.

Whatever the case, we returned that evening and I made this image. I don’t remember having a tripod. Perhaps we went back to Mark’s apartment to get one. I can’t imagine that I was traveling with a tripod.

This image was made on slide film and over the years it has badly faded. I scanned it anyway and through some Photoshop work was able to regain some of the image.

It would not only be the last time I visited the WTC it would also be the last time that I saw Mark. In fact, I can’t remember his last name or how to get in contact with him. Our last visit, though, was a memorable one.

Are You Here to Photograph Our Post Office?

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I was standing on the sidewalk of Main Street in Ripley, New York, when a woman approached me and asked If I was there to photograph “our post office.”

Photographing the post office wasn’t why I had stopped as I was passing through. There was nothing about the post office in Ripley that was out of the ordinary. I had seen dozens of similar post offices in numerous small towns in America.

But since she asked, I decided to make one image of the PO. I mean its just megapixels, right?

So here is the modern post office building in a small western New York town. It may not be much different from other post officers in other small towns, but it something that Ripley can call its own.

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October 23, 2016 at 7:49 am

And There Lies Buffalo

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I was driving with two guys over back roads in New York State en route to Arcade, New York, when we came upon an opening in the hills and a city skyline seemed to magically appear on the horizon.

I wasn’t driving so I wasn’t sure where we were, but subsequent research determined that we were on North Boston Road near Hamburg, New York.

Some of my most pleasing images were unintended surprises such as this one. I didn’t set out to make this image, the opportunity just presented itself. It is what makes photography so rewarding.

Not being familiar with this region I had no idea we were this close to Buffalo and that there was a vista that would show it. But there it is in the distance over the tree tops. It was a magical find indeed.

But I Won’t be Filling Up Today

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I was driving through Westfield, New York, when I spotted this old service station. You see a lot of abandoned businesses in small town America and some urban neighborhoods.

I drove a good three blocks past this one before I pulled into a driveway to turn around and go back to photograph it.

This business has been closed for a while, yet maybe not all that long. The pumps are still in as are some of the signs except those saying what the place is called or what oil company it was affiliated with.

The prices frozen on the pumps were close to the going rate on the day that I made this image.

The pumps are old by the standards of gasoline pumps. Many gas stations today have an expansive convenience store. Articles I’ve read have quoted owners of gas station franchises as saying they make more money off the sale of beer, snacks and other food items than they do gasoline.

It appears there was a convenience store operation here at one time and a bait shop here, too. But none of that was apparently enough.

So this property sits vacant and waits for a new future, whatever that might be.

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October 2, 2016 at 7:44 am

New York, New York

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In August 1981 I flew to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York to visit a friend who had just moved to the Greater New York area to take his first job out of college.

It was a busy weekend that included an NFL game at the the Meadowlands between the Giants and Jets on Saturday night — it was an exhibition game — and a baseball game at Yankee Stadium on Sunday.

We saw the Yanks shutout the Kansas City Royals 8-0. Interesting, all three games in that series were shutouts with KC blanking the Bronx Bombers 4-0 on Friday and the Yanks winning 5-0 on Saturday.

We fit in a visit to the Empire State Building where I made this image of Manhattan. It was my first and I believe only visit to the observatory atop what for many years was New York’s tallest building.

This image was scanned from a faded slide. I was able to restore some of the color in Photoshop. It doesn’t look as good as it did, but I’m reasonably satisfied with the restoration that I was able to do.

The view is looking northeastward and features the Chrysler Building and the former Pan Am Building in the upper left-hand corner.

Back in 1981 I was younger and more impressionable. It was not my first time in New York, but was my first true visit. New York City is the type of place that it helps to have a friend show you around even if the friend is himself new to the city.

As for the view, well you only get a view such as this in New York. Other cities offer similar views and perhaps some that are just as breathtaking.

But this is New York. What else can I say? What else needs to be said?