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New York at Night

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I made my first and only visit to the observatory of the World Trade Center in early November 1981. I was visiting a friend who lived in the Big Apple although we had met back in Springfield, Illinois, when we both worked for the state.

We visited the WTC twice on the same day. The first visit occurred during daylight hours. I might have said something about what a nice view it would be at night.

Whatever the case, we returned that evening and I made this image. I don’t remember having a tripod. Perhaps we went back to Mark’s apartment to get one. I can’t imagine that I was traveling with a tripod.

This image was made on slide film and over the years it has badly faded. I scanned it anyway and through some Photoshop work was able to regain some of the image.

It would not only be the last time I visited the WTC it would also be the last time that I saw Mark. In fact, I can’t remember his last name or how to get in contact with him. Our last visit, though, was a memorable one.


Sunset Over JFK

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It is Dec. 7, 1982, and I am in the boarding lounge at John F. Kennedy International Airport. I’ll be boarding a Pan American World Airways flight to New Orleans.

That is probably  my plane in the foreground because my flight log shows that I flew on a Boeing 727.

It had not been all that long since the U.S. government had allowed Pan Am to fly domestic routes. For many years, Pan Am could only carry passengers headed overseas.

The sun is setting and I’m captivated by the sight. I see some possibilities, namely framing aircraft at the gate and the setting sun.

This image is one of several I made, trying different settings and framing. It is my favorite of the batch.

The Dawn of a New Day to Represent the Dawn of a New Year

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Sunrise is often called dawn, which in turn is often used in the phrase “the dawn of a new . . . ” It could be a new day, a new era or a new year.

Today marks the start of a new year, 2017, and I’m saluting that with a photograph I made last year of sunrise over New York City as seen from my hotel in New Jersey opposite of Newark Liberty International Airport.

This image was made on a Sunday morning and I purposely got up before dawn to photograph the sun rising over the Big Apple on a mostly clear day aside from a few clouds hovering over Manhattan.

A new year also prompts many to look ahead at what might be coming into their life over the next 365 days.

As I write this, I don’t have any particular plans in mind for my photography. Maybe doing some planning needs to be one of new year’s resolutions.

Yet there is something to be said for letting opportunities come to you. A year ago I didn’t know I’d be traveling to New Jersey and having the opportunity to photograph New York City, even if from a distance.

Sometimes, it is the unexpected pleasures in life that make it all worthwhile.

New York, New York

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In August 1981 I flew to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York to visit a friend who had just moved to the Greater New York area to take his first job out of college.

It was a busy weekend that included an NFL game at the the Meadowlands between the Giants and Jets on Saturday night — it was an exhibition game — and a baseball game at Yankee Stadium on Sunday.

We saw the Yanks shutout the Kansas City Royals 8-0. Interesting, all three games in that series were shutouts with KC blanking the Bronx Bombers 4-0 on Friday and the Yanks winning 5-0 on Saturday.

We fit in a visit to the Empire State Building where I made this image of Manhattan. It was my first and I believe only visit to the observatory atop what for many years was New York’s tallest building.

This image was scanned from a faded slide. I was able to restore some of the color in Photoshop. It doesn’t look as good as it did, but I’m reasonably satisfied with the restoration that I was able to do.

The view is looking northeastward and features the Chrysler Building and the former Pan Am Building in the upper left-hand corner.

Back in 1981 I was younger and more impressionable. It was not my first time in New York, but was my first true visit. New York City is the type of place that it helps to have a friend show you around even if the friend is himself new to the city.

As for the view, well you only get a view such as this in New York. Other cities offer similar views and perhaps some that are just as breathtaking.

But this is New York. What else can I say? What else needs to be said?