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Another Lake Erie Sunset

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We were having dinner in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio, at a restaurant that has a deck right on Lake Erie. We make it a point to go there for dinner once every summer on a warm evening.

This year we arrived later than usual. It was the first time I’d been there as the sun was setting.

Soon the sun would descend into a soup of gathering clouds.

Gathering of the Gulls

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Where there are large bodies of water there will be gulls. Every park along Lake Erie has gulls. The birds seem to have little fear of people on the beaches.

Sure the gulls might fly away if a group of people approaches, but you can get amazingly close to some gulls on the beach in a public park.

Gulls do not always just hang out at the beach. Shown above are stone breakwaters off the shore of Presque Isle State Park near Erie, Pennsylvania.

On this day, few people were on the beach because it was a weekday in late August.

Nonetheless the gulls were hanging out on the breakwaters as though they were attending a meeting. I wonder what they talk about out there.

Written by csanders429

May 26, 2017 at 4:39 am

Catching More Than Fish

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The tug on ¬†your line sends your heart racing. You’ve got a bite and you get up and start to reel it in.

Will this be that prize catch you can brag about later and enjoy putting in the frying pan?

That might have gone through the mind of this guy. But as he pulled in his line, he found he had caught more than a fish. He also had some vegetation, quite a lot of it in fact.

There does appear to be a fish on the end of that line, but it doesn’t look like a large one. No much of fish story to tell here.

Written by csanders429

May 15, 2017 at 6:07 am

Scenes From a Late Summer Day in the Park

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It was a weekday in late August. The skies were mostly sunny and the temperature was warm. I had ventured into Presque Isle State Park near Erie, Pennsylvania, to photograph a pair of lighthouses.

But parks are rich with photo opportunities, particularly human interest images. In the top image, a mother looks back at her youngest son as she paddled with her older son in Lake Erie just off a beach.

She might have told the younger boy to get back on the beach because I soon saw him digging in the sand with his sister.

In the middle photograph, those who have the day off or some time off took advantage of the weather to get in some fishing along this pier on the other side of the park from the beach.

Of course, parks along major bodies of water are sure to present nature scenes that catch your eye.

Such was the case with this driftwood that is piled up along the shore. Perhaps a storm or a rising tide will lift this wood back into the water and it will drift along to another landing spot.

Some Color on the Beach

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There weren’t many people on this beach at Presque Isle State Park along the shore of Lake Erie. But a couple has brought a pair of beach umbrellas because it was still a warm and sunny day in late August.

As I write and post this, summer is just around the corner and it will be time to get the beach umbrellas out of the closet, the attic or the garage and head for the sand.

Empty Chair Today

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There is no lifeguard on duty today on this beach at Presque Isle State Park near Erie, Pennsylvania.

It is tempting to say there is no need for a lifeguard because few people are on the beach on a weekday in late August after school has returned to session. Yet people can get in trouble in the water whether there is just one person on the beach or a thousand.

The lifeguard chair probably is empty due to economic and availability reasons. Many of the lifeguards are students and now they are back in school, whether it be college or high school.

Perhaps on the weekend the lifeguards will be back in their chairs when more people are on the beach in the final days of summer.

But today all is quiet and the lifeguard chair is empty.

I Found Erie Harbor North Pier Light on the Second Try

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Last summer I paid my first visit to Presque Isle State Park near Erie, Pennsylvania, with the primary purpose of seeing the two lighthouses located there.

It took me a while to find the first of them, Presque Isle Light. I made wrong turns a couple of times and traffic was heavy, it being a Sunday afternoon.

I decided not to even try to find the other lighthouse located in the park, Erie Harbor North Pier Light. That would wait for another day, which turned out to be a weekday in late August after school had started and traffic in the park was much lighter.

I was able to find the lighthouse without any problems, but was slightly disappointed that it was not nearly as grand as Presque Isle Light or a number of other lighthouses that I’ve photographed.

As its name suggests, Erie Harbor North Pier Light is located on a pier. From a photography standpoint, it is best photographed in the afternoon. I was there in the morning.

I have this lighthouse on my list of places to revisit this summer.