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Another Lake Erie Sunset

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We were having dinner in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio, at a restaurant that has a deck right on Lake Erie. We make it a point to go there for dinner once every summer on a warm evening.

This year we arrived later than usual. It was the first time I’d been there as the sun was setting.

Soon the sun would descend into a soup of gathering clouds.

Yes, I’ve Been to Marblehead Lighthouse

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Someone on Facebook saw a recent image that I posted of a lighthouse in Maine and asked if I’d been to Marblehead lighthouse on Lake Erie near Port Clinton, Ohio.

It was a legitimate question to ask given that I live in Northeast Ohio.

Yes, I’ve been to Marblehead and I posted an image from there last year. Maybe it didn’t make it onto Facebook from my website from this website.

Whatever the case, here is another image I made at Marblehead that day that shows not the lighthouse and the keeper’s house.

I like this image because of the contrast between the growing shadows of late day and the golden hour light that is present on the structures.

Had I been much later in arriving all of this scene would have been in shadows.

What Drifted in From Lake Erie

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There is much to see and find while walking along a beach, such as Headlands Beach State Park near Mentor, Ohio.

I’m not sure if taking the drift wood home is against the law and I’ve never done it. I have picked up rocks and I’ve seen people searching for pieces of glass that washed ashore.

There have probably been folks who took home pieces of drift wood.

Maybe the waves will wash these pieces of drift wood back into the water and they will drift ashore somewhere else.

What is certain is that in time they will deteriorate.

Just in Time at Marblehead

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Marblehead Light is the oldest lighthouse in continuous operation on the Great Lakes. Opened in 1820, it stands 40 feet tall and today is part of Marblehead State Park.

The park itself is relatively new. Marblehead Light is among the best known and photographed of Lake Erie lighthouses, but it has been a latecomer to my list of lighthouses that I’ve photographed.

A friend and I paid a visit to Marblehead last July, arriving late in the day because we also wanted to make sunset photographs on Lake Erie.

Had we been much later we would have not had direct sunlight on the lighthouse. By the time we left, the sun had already dipped below the tree line.

Late Day Venture Onto Lake Erie

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I chose this photograph as my “signature” image at the top of my home page at In part it was because it would lend itself well to the narrow space in which it had to fit, but also because I just liked this image.

There is a golden glow due to the warm light of the late day light. I also liked the wake left behind by the watercraft and the solitary feel of the image.

It is an expansive photograph in the sense that it seems to reach out into infinity. There is a faint horizon but maybe that is a mirage.

The long wake suggests a journey and that is what my Flickr page is about. It is journey through my world of photography.

The image was made in late July 2011. We had gone to Geneva on the Lake, Ohio, to have dinner at a restaurant that has a deck overlooking Lake Erie.

I had my camera with me and you can see what I saw.

Making a Point

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I spotted this couple standing next to the edge of Lake Erie at Headlands Beach State Park. It was happenstance that I captured them as she was raising her stick to point at something out on the lake.

But what was it? There is nothing in the photo that can be seen. A close look shows she appears to be pointing at something off to the right.

I don’t recall there being anything out there out of the ordinary.

Perhaps she was indicating the location where something had been in the past.

Or maybe she is not pointing at anything in particular but only making a point about who knows what.

Whatever it was, it was just one of many moments they shared on this late summer day.

Providing Light for 100 Years (Sort of)

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Some like to describe the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse has having provided light for a 100 years. That is accurate as far as it goes.

There has been a lighthouse at this location for more than 100 years, but the current lighthouse wasn’t there for the first 46 years.

It was built in 1871 as a replacement for the original light that guided mariners into Fairport Harbor in Northeast Ohio.

The original lighthouse opened in 1825 and that time was one of just eight lighthouses on the Great Lakes.

That lighthouse also became a stop on the Underground Railroad as escaped slaves were held there before they could be smuggled aboard boats headed for Canada.

The construction of another light farther out in the harbor that began operations in 1925 would lead to the light being turned off at the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse.

The community would later rally to the cause of preserving the lighthouse and keeper’s home, converting both into a museum.