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It Won’t Be Long ’till Harvest

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The corn in Midwest fields is as tall as it is going to get this year. The tassels are out and it is a matter of time before the crop matures to a point where it is ready for harvest. That is going to be more than a month from now and close to two months.

Such scenes as this one near New London, Ohio, bring back memories of late summer during my childhood when I lived in the corn belt of central Illinois.

It is reminder that most of summer is behind me and soon it will be back to school time and Friday night high school football games.

Around the time of harvest will be Halloween. Maybe the fun of football games and candy is enough to make up for the loss of  summer.


Written by csanders429

August 10, 2017 at 7:21 am

Looking for a New Home

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I don’t know how old this tractor is, but it appears to have several years on it. I spotted it while driving on a rural road near my hometown of Mattoon, Illinois, and circled back to photograph it.

The first thing that attracted me about it was the bright red color of the seat and engine frame. Then the age of it struck my fancy. Finally, there was a forlorn feel about it.

The present owner either can’t have it anymore or doesn’t want it. So the owner is hoping for a nice new home for something that has been part of his life for years, I presume.

This strikes me as the type of machine that a guy could grow attached to and thus part with reluctantly.

Perhaps it served its owner well for many years, but now it is time for this tractor to find another life, another purpose.

I hope it found it.

Written by csanders429

October 11, 2016 at 7:01 am