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Storm Light

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Photographs featuring storm light can be planned, but often they occur by happenstance. You’re in the middle of a storm, but it passes through and the sun comes out behind it. Such was the case when Mary Ann Whitley was taking a break at work following a storm and captured this image of the gold budding trees against the back of the storm.

Written by csanders429

June 16, 2017 at 6:40 am

Storm is a Coming

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I lived in central Illinois for three decades and during that time I saw countless thunderstorms roll in and out. Yet I never once thought to get out and photograph one.

I stumbled across a Flickr page operated by a woman who lives near where I grew up and I have been fascinated with her work in photographing thunderstorms and other weather phenomenon that can easily be seen on the Illinois prairie.

It might look flat and boring to many people — particularly those who don’t live there — but the prairie can yield some dramatic images if you know how to “see” it.

Looking at the work of that photographer has taught me how to see my former home state.

I had just gotten my digital camera when I made a trip back to Illinois. I was driving back to Champaign and could see a thunderstorm brewing off to the west.

I pulled over just outside of Rantoul and got this image. It’s nothing spectular, but is a common sight on the prairie of a storm coming.

I was back in my motel room when the storm actually hit and it was fierce for a while.

I was driving to another hotel to attend a banquet after the storm had ended. I took the long way around, driving through the countryside west of town.

There were some really nice storm light images to be had. But, alas, I didn’t want to take my camera with me to the banquet and left it in my motel room. It was a painful lesson and this image will always remind me of it.

At the End of My Rainbow

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Another storm has passed through Cleveland. Another wave of thunderstorms is coming, but for now there is a break in the clouds. It is still raining to the east, but the sunlight is creating a double rainbow.  Time to get out the smart phone and snap a couple images before it fades away.

Written by csanders429

May 31, 2017 at 6:35 am

Angry Water

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Lake Michigan was angry. The winds was whipping around, the water was choppy and a red warning flag had been posted on the beach to advise against swimming.

It was as though the lake was daring someone to go out there. A storm seemed to be forming off over the lake off the shore of Holland, Michigan.

I was thankful that I didn’t have to go out on that waters in a boat. It would not have been a smooth ride.

We didn’t stay for too long. I got my photographs and left. I’ll be back when the lake is in a better mood.

Threatening Skies at Tawas Point

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It has been an on and off stormy day near Tawas Point State Park in Michigan. We were visiting the lighthouse there and hoping that the rain held off.

It didn’t and we had to take shelter in the gift store until the rain passed.

Once it did, I had one of those opportunities that often comes right after a storm. There was a break in the clouds that allowed sunlight to come through against a backdrop of the back edge of the storm.

The result was about as dramatic an image of the Tawas Point lighthouse as I’m ever likely to make.

This Storm Looked Worse Than it Was — At Least on Shore

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The winds were howling. On the radar the storm sweeping through Northwest Ohio and out onto Lake Erie looked pretty strong.

So I wanted to get to the shore and photograph it. As it turned out, it didn’t leave as much as a drop of rain on Vermilion, Ohio, where I was standing.

But it sure looked menacing as the leading edge of its clouds rolled toward Canada. I seldom get opportunities to photograph storm fronts over Lake Erie so this was my big chance.

Maybe way out over the water was thunder, lighting and heavy rain. But here on the shore, it was nothing more than dramatic looking clouds with giant fingers probing the lake.

Columbus Skyline on a Late Saturday Afternoon

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The weather forecast for Columbus, Ohio, called for mostly sunny skies. That was later downgraded to partly sunny conditions. But when I arrived there around 10 a.m. it was overcast and cold with occasional snow flurries.

But most of my activities for this day trip were indoors so the weather didn’t matter that much. I didn’t need to see the sun.

As I was getting ready to leave to return home, I noticed what appeared to be a break in the weather. I could see the back edge of the massive layer of clouds that had hung over the city all day.

Was the weather that had been predicted about to come along? Perhaps, but there was only about an hour of daylight left and the only difference appeared to be a thinner layer of clouds.

Nonetheless, I took advantage of an opportunity to make a photograph of the Columbus skyline with some golden color behind it. The image was made from the parking deck at John Glenn Columbus International Airport.