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Another Penn State Graduate and the Nittany Lion

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The limestone Nittany Lion statue  is probably the most photographed location on the campus of Penn State University at University Park. Thousands of Penn State graduates have had a photograph made of themselves standing with the lion.

It was not graduation day when I happened upon this mother taking making an image of her daughter posing with the lion.

Perhaps they wanted to make their image on a day when not as many people would be waiting in line for their turn with the lion.


Pounding Out Another Story

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Ernie Pyle is a name that was familiar to those who lived during World War II.

The Indiana-born journalist was, arguably, the best known war correspondent of his day, earning the Pulitzer Prize in 1944 for his accounts of the life of ordinary soldiers.

Writing for the Scripps-Howard chain of newspapers, Pyle was killed on April 18, 1945, during the Battle of Okinawa.

For many years the building housing the School of Journalism at Indiana University was named after Pyle.

There was a bust of him inside the building and, if my memory serves me correctly, a photograph or painting of him elsewhere.

Some incorrectly thought the School of Journalism itself was named after Pyle, but that was not the case.

Not long ago the School of Journalism was merged with a couple of other programs to create a new Media School, which was moved to Franklin Hall.

As part of that move, a statue of Pyle pounding out a story on his portable typewriter in the war zone was commissioned and placed near the entrance to Franklin Hall.

The statue brings to life a glimpse of a time that virtually all college students today only know from history books.

Waiting for Godot? No, Waiting for a Bus

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Waiting for Godot is a play that you might expect literature or drama majors on a college campus to be familiar with.

The Samuel Beckett play is about two characters waiting for someone named Godot who never shows up. Unlike the characters of Vladimir and Estragon, though, these two students at Indiana University are waiting for something more mundane.

They are waiting for a bus to come on East Seventh Street in Bloomington. They are reposing along the stone wall that borders Dunn Meadow, a popular campus gathering spot.

Unlike the characters in the play, the bus is likely to show up — eventually.

Saturday Afternoons in Fall on a College Campus

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I’ve always thought there was no better time to be on a college campus than in the fall. It conjures up images of sunny Saturday afternoons and football games.

I can imagine some football fans will walk through campus to admire the fall foliage either before or after the game.

It brings back memories of when they were in college, perhaps on this very campus, and life was much easier than they realized at the time.

Of course many fans hardly see the campus. They park, tailgate and go to the game. Then they leave.

I wasn’t on the Michigan State University campus on this day to watch a football game. In fact the Spartans were not playing at home on this day.

I’m not sure what building this is, but it’s a classic fall afternoon on campus and I enjoyed my time there. I never attended Michigan State as a student, but it brought back pleasant memories of my own college days.

Written by csanders429

October 29, 2016 at 6:20 am