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Season of Boats

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As I post this, the Memorial Day weekend is at hand and that herald the start of summer in most people’s minds.

If you own a boat, it is time to get in the water. Hence, this series if devoted to pleasure craft on the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland.

I wasn’t aware that the Cuyahoga was widely used for pleasure boating until a particularly warm day in September 2017 when I was in downtown Cleveland and noticed a plethora of boats plying its waters.

It thought the bulk of boat traffic on the river was commercial.

But as I thought about it I realized that boats need a place to dock and the Cuyahoga provides access to docks.

Most of the boats featured here were going to and from Lake Erie.


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May 25, 2018 at 6:37 am

Standing Guard

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There is an admission charge to enter the Art Institute of Chicago, but some exhibits can be viewed for free, including the massive lions that stand guard  at the main entrance off Michigan Avenue.

The twin lions that stand on pedestals are as old as the museum itself, having been placed there in 1894

The Art Institute was established at its current site at the conclusion of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.

The lions were sculpted by Edward Kemeys, who the Art Institute describes as a self-taught artist and “the nation’s first great animalier (sculptor of animals).”

The lions were unveiled on May 10, 1894, and have been viewed countless times by numerous generations of Chicago residents and visitors.

The sculptures weigh more than two tons apiece.

The Art Institute said Kemeys modeled them after African lions. The north lion is depicted as “on the prowl” while the south lion displays “an attitude of defiance.”

In the images above, the south lion is shown on top while the north lion is below.

Street Level View

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The Main Avenue Viaduct in Cleveland carries Ohio Route 2 and the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway over the Cuyahoga River and the Flats.

It is a cantilever truss bridge that was built in 1939 and at 8,000 feet was the longest elevated structure in Ohio until the 2007 completion of the Veterans Glass City Skyway in Toledo.

This view of the Main Avenue Viaduct was made from street level on the west bank of the Flats.

The next time you cross it, you might not want to think about how in 2013 the Federal Highway Administration said the bridge is “structurally deficient” and “fracture critical.”

I presume that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is unsafe, only in need of some repairs.

Pink Tree, Red Brick

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The German Village neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, features many flowering trees. I’ve found photographing them a delight, but also a challenge.

Like any densely populated urban neighborhood, there is a lot of clutter.

I took a simple approach in composing this image, showing a single tree in front of a single house. It’s one way to do it.

World’s Best?

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I had seen the Clover Grill in New Orleans during a couple of previous trips and had a hankering to try it.

But the Crescent City is known for its gourmet dining with seemingly countless choices and when you are on vacation there is never enough time to try them all.

But we made some time to try the Clover Grill for breakfast on our last day in NOLA.

The Clover Grill is located on Bourbon Street, although toward the fringe of the party district.

I had breakfast food there that I don’t remember being anything special or different from any other greasy spoon joint. That didn’t include a hamburger, so I can’t say if they are the “world’s best.”

I remember a couple of things about the place, neither of which had to do with the quality of the food.

The server said that if we wanted an alcoholic beverage he would go across the street to a bar to get it for us. It seems you can always get booze at any time of the day in New Orleans.

I don’t care to have alcohol with breakfast so I didn’t take him up on his offer. But I did see another server coming back across the street to the diner with a bloody Mary in hand.

The second memory was of this heavy-set guy sitting at the counter. We struck up a conversation which I remember because he proclaimed that “most of the people down here are f—— stupid.”

So, it turned out to be a quite memorable breakfast although not for the reasons that I had expected.

Love to Eat Here

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The Berghoff in Chicago is one of my favorite places to eat. I usually order the same thing, wiener schnitzel. It is, after all, a German restaurant.

It changed operations back in February 2006 when the restaurant closed. A basement cafe reopened two months later and a year later the full-service restaurant reopened. The menu is not quite the same as the original Berghoff, although many original offerings are still available.

But the interior hasn’t changed from what I can tell. Nor has the sign outside on Adams changed. Some things you just don’t want to change.

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April 30, 2018 at 10:11 am

An Ice Cream Day

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It was a nice spring day although not really too warm as you can see by the attire that these people are wearing. Yet there was just enough sunshine and the temperatures were just warm enough and the winter having been long enough that some wanted to go out for ice cream. The line has formed at the window for Jeni’s Spendid Ice Creams in German Village in Columbus, Ohio.