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I’ve published eight books about railroad history. This has long been a passion of mine and I can’t remember a day in my life when I wasn’t interested in railroads.

My first book, Limiteds, Locals and Expresses in Indiana 1838-1971 was published in 2003 by Indiana University Press. It is a comprehensive history of intercity rail passenger service that served or passed through Indiana from the nineteenth century through the coming of Amtrak on May 1, 1971.

I followed that up with Amtrak in the Heartland published in 2006 by Indiana University Press. This book reviews histories of Amtrak passenger trains that served the Midwest and the fringes of the Midwest from the inception of Amtrak through late 2005.

My next five books were published by Arcadia Publishing. Four of them were created with a little help from my friends in the Akron Railroad Club, of which I have been president since January 2005. Members of the club provided photographs and information that I used in those books.

I have published two titles named Akron Railroads. The first of those was published in 2007 in Arcadia’s Images of Rail Series. It is a history of the six railroads that served Akron between the nineteenth century and the 1960s.

The second Akron Railroads picks up where my earlier title of the same name left off. It covers the time frame of 1960 to the present and was published in Arcadia’s Image of Modern American series. Aside from a difference in time frames, the second Akron Railroads was published with color photographs.

Akron and Canton are in some ways sister cities in that they share an airport. In many ways my second book published by Arcadia, titled Canton Area Railroads, was mirror of my first Akron Railroads title. Part of Arcadia’s Images of Rail series, Canton Area Railroads provide a history of the railroads that served Stark County in the period of the 19th century through the 1970s.

After I completed Canton Area Railroads, my father, Walter Sanders, suggested that I do a book on the railroads of my hometown, Mattoon, Illinois. I liked the idea although I broadened the scope to include Mattoon, Charleston and the surrounding area. That led to the publication in 2008 of Mattoon and Charleston Area Railroads in the Arcadia Images of Rail series. It also has a time frame of the 19th century through the early 1970s.

I live in the suburbs of Cleveland and therefore it is natural that I would want to do a history of railroads in that city. That led to the 2014 publication of Cleveland Mainline Railroads in the Arcadia Images of Rail series. As the title suggests, the focus of this book is on the six railroads that provided intercity rail service to Cleveland. It does not cover the steel mill and other industrial railroad operations in the city. The time frame is the 19th century through the late 1960s.

My most recent book was published by Fonthill Media. Titled Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, this book is a comprehensive history of the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, a tourist railroad that serves the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. All but a handful of the images are in color. The book is distributed, though, by Arcadia Publishing.

You will find elsewhere on this website pages devoted to a more detail description of each of these books.


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February 7, 2012 at 6:05 pm

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