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The Look of Winter

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We get a lot of snow in Northeast Ohio and, of course, it also can get quite cold. The snow, ice and freezing temperatures are not among the qualities of this region that many who live here would list as among their favorite things unless you are a photographer.

Shown in this photo essay are the many faces of Conneaut Creek in January. I was in Conneaut on a rare sunny, although quite cold, day. The water was mostly covered in ice although there were a few cracks where the water continued to flow and had not yet frozen. Soon enough, this ice will be gone. It only seems like winter lasts forever.



Beauty of Hoar Frost

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I don’t get many opportunity to photograph hoar frost, a deposit of  ice crystals. Not unlike the formation of dew, hoar frost restuls from condensation of water vapor to ice at temperatures below freezing and occurs when air is brought to its frost point through cooling.

Not long ago a friend and I encountered hoar frost along the Grand River in Painesville, Ohio.

It was a sunny day and those ice crystals were melting before out eyes. Still, hoar frost creates a beauty unique to winter

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February 9, 2018 at 6:37 am

Winter Afternoon in Peninsula

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It had been a while since I’d been able to get out with my camera. Car troubles and other matters had kept me at home as winter ravaged Northeast Ohio.

More than a week into January, I finally got everything squared away and was able to get out of the house to so some winter photography.

I was going to watch a college basketball game in Akron on a Tuesday night so I left the house early and stopped by Peninsula to see what I might find.

I knew better than to expect to catch a train on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. That operation was on hiatus until later in the month. But you can still do a lot without a train.

Several years ago I photographed the Peninsula train station during winter when it had numerous icicles hanging on it. That was not the case on this day because the sun had melted them.

A step box on the platform had accumulated some snow and the platform area itself had footprints made by visitors to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Snow no longer covered the rails, but in the late day sunlight the ties on the siding were barely visible.

At the far north end of town sat a baggage car that had been used as a prop when the Polar Express trains were operating before Christmas. Beneath that car was bare ground, the only bare ground to be seen.

There weren’t many people around on this day. It was still cold and winter is not a time of year when many people want to visit the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


Not Going Far to Find Winter

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It was early January and I was itching to get out and make some winter photographs. Snow covered everything, but I was more or less grounded due to a dead battery in my car.

On the second of January the sun came out and I decided to venture out into my neighborhood to get some winter scenes.

I didn’t have to go far. There was still snow on the bushes of my neighbors. So I made a few grab shots that constituted my initial winter photograph foray.

There have been and will be more. As I write this, we’re having a January thaw, but I’m confident that within a week or two more winter will be on its way.

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January 22, 2018 at 7:09 am

Some Frozen, Some Fluid

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You can tell where the ice field begins in Conneaut Creek in its namesake city in Northeast Ohio. Just south of the Old Main Street bridge the river turns into water, although there is water flowing under the ice in the foreground. Most of the time when I visit here, there are people fishing in the river along its banks. But on this day none were to be found. But a thaw is coming this weekend and the ice field will diminish and people fishing will again line the banks of the river.

Marooned in the Ice

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There must be a story behind how this sailboat came to be marooned in an ice field near the mouth of the Grand River in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, where it meets Lake Erie.

I doubt that the boat’s owner made the decision to store his boat in the middle of the river for the winter. Maybe it broke loose from a dock and drifted as far as the ice would allow. Maybe someone was trying to steal it. Maybe it was abandoned. I’ll likely never know.

In the background is the town of Fairport Harbor and the Grand River Light, which also features a museum that is open during the summer.

Frozen Furnace Run

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It was late in the afternoon when I arrived at the covered bridge spanning Furnace Run in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I hadn’t planned on making  a photograph expedition to the park on this day, but when the clouds finally started to break around 3 p.m. I decided to head down there. I was going to be in Akron that night anyway so I might as well try to make some winter photographs.

Known as the Everett Covered Bridge, it is the last covered bridge left in Summit County, Ohio. At one time there were more than 2,000 covered bridges in Ohio, but most are gone now.

This bridge is no longer open to vehicle traffic, only pedestrian traffic. At times, the bridge deck has been used for contra dancing.