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Scooping Up Snow

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This tractor is used by the owners of a farm to scoop up soil and move large, heavy objects. Maybe they also use it to remove snow from their driveway when it is rather deep.

But on the day that I photographed it, it wasn’t scooping up or moving anything. I was buried in the snow just like everything else that had been left outside during a recent heavy snowfall.


Shadows and Snow

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The snowstorm began on a Wednesday and by Thursday Northeast Ohio had become a winter wonderland even through spring had arrived a couple of weeks earlier.

But it is not unusual to get snow here in April, sometimes heavy snow. Some areas had a foot of snow while at our house there was about three inches.

By Friday the snow was rapidly melting away as temperatures soared well above freezing. Little snow was left on Saturday when I ventured out with my camera.

By then the only snow left was in the shadows, such those cast by this fence in a public park in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, where the last traces of snow aligned perfectly with the shadows cast by the rails of this wood fence.

Written by csanders429

April 18, 2017 at 4:13 am

The Black and White World of Winter

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Winter scenes often lends themselves to black and white photography because of the natural contrast provided between white snow and dark objects.

I didn’t make these image in black and white originally, but converted them in Photoshop.

All were made from the dome car of a Cuyahoga Valley Valley Scenic Railroad train during a February trip in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

It was snowing when the train left Akron and some of that snow stuck to the windows. Hence the spots that you see in the images.

The top image was made in Brecksville and features the Cuyahoga River and the Ohio Route 82 bridge over the Cuyahoga River.

The middle image shows a house along the Cuyahoga in Peninsula, Ohio. The bottom image portrays a lock on the Ohio & Erie Canal known as Deep Lock. The bridge in the latter image spans the canal.

Almost Lost in the Snow Shower

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It had been snowing heavily earlier in the day but then it quit. By late afternoon as I was getting my last photographs during an outing to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, I saw a guy get cross country skis out of his vehicle at Indigo Lake.

I saw a photo opportunity, but it took a minute or so to get my camera out. By then, he had strapped on his skis and headed out.

That guy was really making tracks. At the same time a heavy snow shower descended on the area. I couldn’t catch up with the skier on foot and the best I could do was zoom out far as my lens would go to get him moving away from me at a rapid clip.