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Skimming the Fog on the Mississippi in New Orleans

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The early morning fog hovering over New Orleans was stubborn. That was not a bad thing because it gave me plenty of opportunity to get from our hotel down to the Mississippi River.

Very little was moving on the river. No freighters were on the move or much of anything else.

But this tugboat named Captain John G. had places to go and things to do. And by now the visibility had improved considerably over what it had been.

Fog is a common occurrence and can yield some dramatic images. I liked the image because it appears that the vessel is skimming the fog as it churns across the water.

Locked Inside

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Back in August 2010 a friend and I ventured to the Soo Locks at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. While there we took a boat tour that took us inside one of the locks. This is what it looks like after they drain the water and before the doors open to let  you out on the “low side” of the locks.

Written by csanders429

March 17, 2017 at 7:59 am

Paddling on the Vermilion River

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I didn’t become aware of stand up paddle boards until this year when I photographed two of them in action, including this image of a woman paddling away on the Vermilion River in its namesake city in Ohio.

A website that I ran across described stand up paddling as a good way to get in a full body workout. With the right equipment you can paddle in everything from oceans to small lakes.

This woman’s greatest challenge on this day will be dodging the steady parade of motor boat traffic plying the river in both directions on a warm summer day in August.

Written by csanders429

January 6, 2017 at 5:37 am

Old Black Water, Keep on Rollin’

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It’s winter in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and I’m viewing it from aboard a Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad train in a dome car.

Riding the train is a good way to see the park on a cold, snowy day. You are warm and toasty inside the passenger car as the park rolls past your window.

The snow had stopped falling by the time the train crossed the Cuyahoga River north of Peninsula on the return trip to Akron. I’ve photographed and seen the river her many times, but not from this vantage point.

On this day the water looked black, not blue, and it reminded me of a line from a Doobie Brothers song of years ago.

The river looks beautiful from here, but I’d rather not get any closer to it than this on a day like this.

On Top of Brandywine Falls in Autumn

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It had been a couple years since I visited Brandywine Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, so I was due for a return visit.

I ventured there on this day to see some fall foliage surrounding the waterfall. As it turned out, the best color to be seen was at the top of the falls.

There is a trail that goes over Brandywine Creek so it is safe to get this view. Just beyond the edge of the bedrock the water drops 65 feet.

Brandywine Falls is a popular place to visit in the fall, yet I want to get back there in winter. I’m sure it can be just as stunning then as it is amid fall foliage.

Reflections of a Covered Bridge

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I probably saw my first covered bridge somewhere in Indiana while driving on U.S. 36 to Indianapolis. There are a cluster of covered bridges around Rockville, Indiana, and the town holds a covered bridge festival every fall.

I also remember seeing covered bridges in Vermont during a visit there in the late 1970s.

This covered bridge is located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Everett. I had been meaning to find and photograph this bridge for some time and finally took the time to do that in October 2015.

It was a beautiful autumn Sunday afternoon and some color lingered on the trees. The bridge spans Furnace Run, a tributary of the Cuyahoga River.

It is no longer used for through traffic and is the last covered bridge left in Summit County, Ohio.

Does It May Make You Want to Get Out on the Water?

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I was driving north on Ohio Route 43 between Kent and Streetboro when I noticed that the trees lining East Lake, in Twin Lakes were looking gorgeous. I pulled into the parking lot of Tavern at Twin Lakes to make some images.

One of my favorites is this one of a boat dock jutting out into the water. The blue water, the bright hues of the leaves on the side of the lake and a canoe at the dock just seem to beckon me to go for a boat ride.

But it’s not my dock, not my canoe and I didn’t have time to do that anyway. So I lingered for a while to get some photographs and reluctantly hit the highway to go home.