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Receding From View

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It’s been more than two weeks since this class met for the final time. Shown are some of the students in a course titled Editing and Graphics that I taught in the spring 2012 semester.

It was one of four courses that I taught. With 27 students, it was my largest class.

All of those classes have ended now and I am still transitioning out of the term that just ended.

The ending of a semester is a funny thing.

As a friend of mine who has been a college professor for longer than I have been once observed, you work like a maniac in the final weeks of the term and then one day everything ends and there is nothing to do anymore with any of your classes.

The students go away and most of them I will never see again or know what happened to them.

A few of those who I taught this semester will show up in another class that I’ll teach next year or maybe the year after that. But most of them will seemingly vanish without a trace.

There is always something sad, even a bit depressing about that. For 16 weeks, these men and women were a central part of my life.

I spent many of my waking hours teaching them, grading their work or planning their activities. It is almost as though we had become partners, associates, friends.

Yet we weren’t. They are students who purchased a service and I am the guy who provided it.

The relationship was never intended to be permanent. Yet the relationship continues in that the cycle begins anew each semester as another group will replace this group

The names and faces may change, but not the challenges, experiences and satisfactions of helping student learn something.

So I “posed” this class portrait through the doorway leading into the printer room because this is how all of my classes look to me these days. They are receding from view.

Editing and Graphics is my favorite class to teach and I tend to remember the various sections of this class more so than I do other classes that I teach.

This class did much of the work in creating an annual magazine published by the School of Communication so I’ll always have a tangible reminder of this group. I say did much of the work because I’ll be doing the finishing work on the magazine over the summer.

In that sense, this class was a true partnership more so than most classes that I have.

So long COM 425 students of the 2012 spring semester! It was fun working with you.


Written by csanders429

May 27, 2012 at 3:54 pm