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Out There in the Desert

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Movies set in 19th century Western America have to be made somewhere and one place where that occurs is an amusement park called Old Tucson.

Located in the Sonora Desert west of Tucson, Arizona, Old Tucson bills itself as a place to turn back time to the old west and experience “live action stunt shows, musicals and live entertainment, vintage rides for the kids, genuine southwest BBQ and special events throughout the season.”

Of course that is a Hollywood version of the old west, but it has been used as a set for such stars as John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Taylor, Steve Martin, Sharon Stone and Martin Short.

More than 400 film and television projects have been made here since 1939.

I’ve never been inside Old Tucson, but I have driven past it while en route to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. It is shown above in a distant view made from the nearby mountains.


Peninsula Canyon

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The Cuyahoga River winds its way through Peninsula, a small town surrounded by the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Right after the river passes beneath the Towpath Trail, it enters a canyon-like setting.

Maybe canyon isn’t the right word to use here because there is a steep cliff on just one side of the passage.  There are more impressive cliffs to be found, but this is Northeast Ohio where the geographic features are modest, yet still noticeable.

I made these images on a winter afternoon when I was looking to get out with my camera for a while and capture some of winter’s beauty.

Tunnel of Trees

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This trail in the Barton Nature Area in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a tunnel of trees. Come spring it will be a tunnel of green. This image was made in late November.

Where Will the Road Take You?

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I’ve always seen an open road as an invitation to travel, even if for just a short distance. As a photographer I find a road hard to resist when out making images.

Shown is Gates Pass Road near Tucson, Arizona. It passes through Tucson Mountain Park and we had stopped at a pullover so I could make images of the surrounding mountains.

As often happens, I find myself making open road images when I am actually seeking to photograph something else.

Gates Pass is a twisting, turning road that goes up and over the mountains and is typically traveled by those going from Tucson to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum or the Old Tucson amusement park.

The view here is looking eastward. Follow this road as you see it here and you’ll eventually wind up back in Tucson.

Arizona Sunrise

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Sunrise and sunset images typically feature the sun. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. In this series, the rising sun is nowhere to be seen, but its rays are casting their warm glow on the rocks of the Santa Catalina Mountains surrounding Tucson, Arizona, as el sol makes is ascent over the horizon.

The mountains are dramatic enough at any time of day, but look a little more colorful during the small window of early sunrise. I also liked the contrast between light and shadows that this time of day presents.

Sedona’s Famous Red Rocks

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Sedona, Arizona, is famous for its red hued rocks protruding from the mountains that surround the area. I first saw those red rocks back in the 1990s, but didn’t have a camera with me at the time.

So when we made plans to visit Sedona on a day trip in October 2016, I was prepared.

This sequence of images was made at a park alongside the main highway into Sedona from the south.

I had to wait a while, but the warm light of the setting sun enhanced the natural red of the rock of this particular structure.

The sequence moves outward as it progresses.

Written by csanders429

December 29, 2017 at 7:08 am

Tracks to the Sun

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We were staying at a bed and breakfast in Tucson, Arizona, that is operated by a guy who has passion for trains.

He and his wife own an expansive piece of property and Ken has placed a garden railway on it.

The tracks thread their way over the desert floor around cactus and other plants.

The sun will be setting soon and the rails appear to be beckoning travelers to take a journey toward the sunset.