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2 Perspectives of Cleveland

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The skyline of Cleveland like that of any city can be captured in any number of locations that show a wide range of perspectives of the city.

The top image was made from an overlook in Edgewater Park west of downtown. It was late afternoon.

The overlook sits on a bluff providing an expansive view of Lake Erie.

The bottom photograph shows a more gritty side of the city. It was made from the Flats. Traditionally an industrial area, the Flats has been transformed into a touristy section of town with bars and restaurants.

Yet some traces of the industrial heritage remain and have been repurposed into other uses.


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March 16, 2018 at 5:50 am

Jackson Square in the Fog

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It was our last day in New Orleans. We had several hours to kill before our train left early in the afternoon.

As dawn broke, the French Quarter was shrouded in fog. Although we were staying at a bed and breakfast, we decided to go have breakfast at a diner.

But first I had images to make of the city in the fog, the first time I had seen that.

Shown is Saint Louis Cathedral, which looms over Jackson Square.

That is Andrew Jackson on the horse in front of the church. Note the photographer also taking advantage of the fog to make an image of the church and statue.

Climbing on Cleveland

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In advance of the 2016 Republican National Convention held in Cleveland the civic group Destination Cleveland had three script Cleveland signs made and placed at high-traffic locations in town.

They were originally created to provide photo backdrops for visitors that would, presumably, be spread far and wide on social media.

The signs have also proven to be wildly popular with Cleveland region residents who have used them for photographs for all manner of occasions, including weddings and individual and group portraits.

The number of script Cleveland signs has grown to five with one of them being positioned in the baggage claim area of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Other signs are located at the North Coast Harbor adjacent to the East 9th St. Pier and behind the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1001 E. 9th St.); the Tremont Abbey Avenue Overlook (1430 Abbey Ave.); at Edgewater Park; and at Euclid Beach Park.

In the image above, a small boy climbs on the sign in Edgewater Park with the city’s downtown skyline towering in the background along with Lake Erie.


Hot Dogs on Track

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I was sorting through my collection of photographs from New Orleans when I ran across this image, which I had forgotten that I had made.

It’s time to call it a day for this hot dog vendor. He is rolling his cart down the streetcar tracks on Canal Street as a couple of guys waiting for a streetcar watch.

The tracks are laid in the street and many pedestrians use the streetcar right of way as a walking path.

But on second though I wonder if this vendor isn’t merely rolling his cart to another location where he hopes to get even more lucky and sell a few more dogs.



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Roxy is one of 12 sculptures featured in the Sculpture walk in Chelsea, Michigan. Created by artist John Schwarz, it is said to be made up of found objects. That included a number of discarded snow skis. Schwarz acquires the objects from “recycle center scavenging, garage sale picking, backyard engineering and happy accidents.”


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December 26, 2017 at 8:44 am

Flying the Stars and Stripes in Baltimore

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A pair of American flags fly in the wind from a light post in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Old Glory can be found in any town in America, but Baltimore is the home of Fort McHenry where a fight between American and British forces on Sept. 12-15, 1814, inspired Francis Scott Key to write a poem titled Defence of Fort McHenry. That formed the basis for the Star Spangled Banner, which is the national anthem of the United States.


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December 7, 2017 at 7:51 am

2 Boats, 2 Buildings in Baltimore

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We were walking around the Inner Harbor in Baltimore last summer and of course I had my camera to make some images.

The two boats are cruise vessels oriented toward the tourist trade. They offer sightseeing and meal trips.

The buildings behind them are hotels, one of which is under construction and will have a gold and silver exterior.



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November 15, 2017 at 6:18 am