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Still Some Time Left

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There were two theaters in my hometown of Mattoon, Illinois, as I was growing up. They sat across the street from each other and were owned by the same company, Frisina Amusements. The Mattoon Theater was closed in 1996 and the building later demolished. The Time Theater stopped showing movies in the 1980s.

It opened on Dec. 19, 1910, as the Grand Theater but was damaged by fire in 1938. It was rebuilt into an art-deco design and reopened as the Time Theater. Reportedly a local church now uses the building to stage live dramas.


Desert Shelter

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I’ve seen this small shelter several times over the years.

It sits near a scenic overlook in Tucson Mountain Park. It remember seeing it back in the 1980s and it was still there during my most recent visit in October 2016 when I made this image.

I don’t know who built it or for what purpose. Maybe it was constructed to provide some shade from the sun in the Sonoran Desert to those who wanted to admire the view.

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May 16, 2018 at 6:56 am

Relic of a Different Era

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Many small towns in America have a structure like this one. It’s an old hotel that is located in Gowanda, New York.

It is about a block from the former Erie Railroad passenger station, but it has been decades since passenger trains stopped there.

When the trains ceased running, the hotel probably lost a lot of its business.

I get the impression that the sign notwithstanding, this building is no longer a hotel and hasn’t been for some time.

More than likely it is an apartment building. Look at fan in the window. Would a hotel in 21st century America lack air conditioning as the presence of this fan suggests?

Well, I suppose it could lack functioning air conditioning. If so, that tells you something about the owner of this building.

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May 8, 2018 at 6:41 am

Down on Main Street

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Main Street in Arcola, Illinois, isn’t a whole lot different than what you would find in any other small town in America. However, it may be better kept than many. The view is looking west in August 2012.

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April 16, 2018 at 6:09 am

Golden Reflection

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A building going on overlooking Baltimore’s Inner Harbor had gold siding that casts a golden glow in the waters by the Baltimore World Trade Center. The latter is partly visible at right. I don’t know what the building is that is under construction but I would guess that it will be a hotel, condominiums or apartments.

Although the skies were most sunny when we arrived in Baltimore, a massive bank of clouds would roll in before we left. The area in the foreground is cordoned off to encourage the development of aquatic life.

When Thirsty in Bloomigton

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Like any college town, Bloomington, Indiana, has an abundance of bars, including sports bars, where you can cheer on your alma matter, in which case Indiana University.

Some of these bars are local traditions, having been around for decades and multiple generations of students. That helps sustain them as scads of alumni return to campus to relive some of the more memorable moments of their college days. And those don’t involve siting in a classroom.

Nick’s English Hut was founded in 1927 and has a prime location about two blocks west of the campus on Kirkwood Avenue, a major street connecting IU and downtown Bloomington. Most people know it as simply Nick’s.

Aside from beer, Nick’s also features the typical pub grub that you would expect in sports bar, but it also known for its stromboli sandwiches. The menu describes the traditional strom as a pizza sandwich.

While in Bloomington last year I didn’t venture into Nick’s and in face it has been many years since I’ve been inside the place.

But I did pause to photograph the exterior, making a mental note that it hasn’t changed at all from how it appeared when I first began attending IU in August 1983.

However, as I studied the bottom photograph I realized I didn’t remember there being sidewalk tables back in the day. So maybe the place has changed slightly.

Chelsea Clock Tower

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Built by John Glazier as a water tower in 1907, the Chelsea Clock tower is one of this Michigan city’s most iconic images. It once served an industrial complex, but today has been restored and re-purposed into offices and businesses. The tower itself is eight stories tall.