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Casting a Long Shadow

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I was in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to photograph the spectacular fall foliage, which was at its peak color.

Intestate 271 and the Ohio Turnpike cross over the Cuyahoga Valley in close proximity and you get an expansive view if you stand beneath the bridges and look eastward.

The shadow crossing the image is the I-271 bridge. I wonder how many of the thousands of travelers who cross over this bridge every day notice or even know they are passing over Ohio’s only national park?

In the foreground below is the towpath trail, a popular path for joggers, walkers and bicyclists.

Late Colorful Fall Foliage

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Every year state tourism offices post on their websites the days of peak fall foliage color. In Northeast Ohio that tends to be around the middle of October.

Fall foliage is a funny thing. You can get good color as early as late September and as late as early November.

Last year was a good for colorful foliage in Northeast Ohio in early November. In fact, some of my best fall foliage images were made the weekend of Nov. 5-6.

As you can see by the colors or lack thereof on the other side of the Cuyahoga River in this image, the foliage is past its peak in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. But there was still plenty of color if you went looking for it.

This scene was captured near the Old Station Road bridge over the river. The bridge is out of sight to the left. It was replaced by the bridge in the background, which carries Ohio Route 82 over the Cuyahoga River valley and is one of the most iconic and photographed structures in the CVNP.

Autumn Never Seems to Change

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I recently ran across these slides that I had created in October 1978 while putting back another slide that had been sitting on my desk for awhile.

It is autumn at Lincoln Log Cabin State Park near Charleston, Illinois. As I reviewed these images I realized that autumn never really changes.

The leaves turn various shades of gold, red, orange and brown before dying and falling to the ground.

But what a colorful show nature puts on during the short window when the foliage is at its peak.

I’ve always enjoyed fall foliage, but I’ve begun to appreciate it more since developing a deeper involvement with photography than I had when these images were made.

It used to be that autumn was something that came along in October and I’d notice it, but never really appreciate it. It’s funny how developing a photographic eye and mindset can change the way you view your world.

Gorgeous View in the Gorge Metro Park of Akron

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The Cuyahoga River forms the boundary between Akron and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Decades ago,  a dam was built on the Cuyahoga, which created a lake in an area that came to called the gorge.

A power plant was also built on the river in the gorge. The power plant is gone and plans are afoot to remove the dam, which can be seen in the distance in front of the trees. This area is now part of the Gorge Metro Park.

It is a Sunday in early November and the trees surrounding the area at their peak fall colors. The river is calm, allowing a mirror-like reflection.

Once the dam is removed, this scene is going to change, but it will still remain beautiful in autumn.

Red Leaves of Fall

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I like all of autumn’s colors, even those golden brown oak leaves that are quite common where I live. But my favorite autumn leaves are red, perhaps because they are less common than gold. Well, orange isn’t that common either, but red is still my favorite. This tree with red maple leaves stands in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

One Sunday Afternoon in Autumn at Wingfoot Lake State Park

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I had never visited Wingfield Lake State Park in Suffield Township, Ohio, until this past November.

I was with a friend and out mission was to photograph the arrival of Wingfoot Two, the Goodyear blimp based at the Wingfoot Lake facility of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

The blimp was arriving from Columbus and we weren’t sure when it was to get to Wingfoot. So we just hung out and watched and listened for a blimp.

It was a sunny day and the foll foliage was at its peak colors, a perfect day for photography. Here is a gallery of images that I made while waiting for the blimp to arrive.








And Now for the Rest of the Photograph

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You’re looking at the rest of an image that I posted recently. That image focused on the pumpkin and a portion of the corn stalks that are immediately behind it.

I had zoomed in on the pumpkin in the original image, but in this image I zoomed out to show more context.

The location is the front porch of a gift shop in Peninsula, Ohio. I wanted to photograph it because it contains two icons that I always link with autumn: pumpkins and corn stalks.

Both are symbolic of the harvest season, which always casts a comforting feeling in my mind. Spring may be the season of hope, summer may be the season of play and winter is the season of survival. But autumn is the season of warmth and comfort.

Who doesn’t enjoy the bright orange of a pumpkin on a sunny day? As for the corn stalks, well corn is a food product harvested in the fall, but the stalks remind me of my boyhood days of roaming corn fields after the farmer had brought in the corn from the field and all that was left were the bent over stalks that had had their ears of corn removed and shucked by the picker.

It has been many years since I roamed a corn field after the harvest. I’ve seen many such fields, but never had the opportunity to roam one. Even if I did it would not hold the same allure as it did when I was a child.

As an adult you recognize that roaming someone else’s property is trespassing. And childhood wonder gives way to other ways of looking at the world.

Yet I’ve never forgotten what it was like to feel free as I roamed over those fields. Images such as this help bring those memories back.

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November 14, 2016 at 7:12 am