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Buzzing Around for a Photograph

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My objective was to photograph this flowering tree in full bloom. But as I zoomed in on the flowers, I noticed a couple of bees buzzing around, collecting pollen.

That might make a good photograph, I thought. It would have if the bees would only sit still for a few seconds.

But they didn’t. They flew around all over the place, darting here and there in and out of the shadows.

It was difficult to follow and focus on them. I tried the auto focus feature of my camera and I tried focusing manually. I was using a zoom lens so I was back from the tree a short distance.

The bee in this image is not as sharp as I’d like. There must be a trick to doing this. Perhaps I don’t have the right equipment and/or enough experience.

Nonetheless, I liked, overall, how this image turned out with the composition and lighting. At least the blooms stayed in one place as I was photographing.


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