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When the Sun Rose Over Galion, Ohio, I Was Ready

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“Always have your camera ready” may not have quite the same ring to it as “F8 and be there,” but it is equally sage advice.

When I’m traveling by myself on a photography expedition I have my camera bag sitting on the passenger seat and turn on my camera before leaving on my journey.

Such was the case in early March when I was driving to central Ohio. It was still dark when I left home and I was keeping a watch on the eastern sky.

Just before reaching the Mansfield area the skies turned cloudy. So much for getting a sunrise photograph.

But as I made my way west on U.S. 30, I could see in my rearview mirror a hint of red and pink that only intensified with each passing minute.

U.S. 30 is a limited access highway here and as luck would have it my exit featured an overpass. That would be my vantage point.

I went up the ramp, made a left turn and parked just beyond the bridge. I pulled the camera out of the bag and walked briskly back to the bridge. I know from experience that the window of opportunity for the most intense colors of a sunrise or sunset come in a very small window.

Besides, the air temperature was quite cool and there is something about cold that motivates me to move a little faster.


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