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Most people probably don’t notice jet contrails. They know they exist, but their eyes are focused straight ahead on what is in front of them or on their smart phones and other mobile electronic devices.

They might get a glimpse of contrails if they happen to look up, but they see them without seeing them.

I know there are photographers who have a passion for clouds, particularly storms. They might notice contrails because they are accustomed to looking at the sky.

Contrails interest me for other reasons, though. I’ve long had an interest in aircraft and when I see a contrail  I wonder what airline that is that is streaking across the sky. What is the aircraft type and its destination.

Aboard that plane are a few dozen people who probably have a story or two to tell about why they are flying today. I also like contrails because something they can create intersecting lines.

That was the case on a Saturday afternoon when I happened to look up and saw two flights going in different directions high over Cleveland and creating a geometry lesson in the sky.

This image was made on a clear day. That slight cloudiness between the two contrails is the dispersed vapor of a previous aircraft.


Written by csanders429

April 12, 2017 at 6:13 am

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