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I Didn’t Follow My Own Rules But Got the Photo Anyway

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I wrote a while back about how when I’m traveling by myself I’ll have my camera bag on the passenger seat and the camera turned on in case I see something I want to photograph.

The photograph above was made on one those trips when I was not following that rule. My camera bag was in the trunk and the camera was turned off.

I had stopped at a convenience store to buy a newspaper to read while I had breakfast at Bob Evans restaurant near Burbank, Ohio, just off Interstate 71.

I was en route to Columbus but didn’t expect to make any photographs until the afternoon. As I came out of the convenience store, I noticed a nice looking sunrise. It was just before 7 a.m.

I could have photographed it from the convenience store, but poles and wire would have cluttered the shot. I got in my car and began driving down a rural road toward the sunrise.

I pulled into the truck entrance at one of those massive truck stop complexes you find along the interstate highway system and raced to get my camera out in time.

The sun was partly obscured by a cloud. When I first spotted the rising sun it was a whole orb. But not now.

Nonetheless, I liked the colors and even the play of the sun with the clouds. You could say I traded the clutter of poles and wires for the clutter of trees, but the latter occur naturally, which gives the image a more authentic look.


Written by csanders429

April 28, 2017 at 4:53 am

Trying to Stay Warm

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It was five days before Christmas and a snow storm guaranteed that some portions of Northeast Ohio would be doing more than dreaming of a white Christmas.

We had gone out to check on Mary Ann’s horse and I took my camera, figuring to get some winter photographs at the same time.

Not only had it snowed the temperatures had also fallen and many of the horses were wearing their blankets to stay warm.

Well, some of the horses. The ponies who reside at this barn were wearing just their regular hair and being something of a nuisance to their bigger herd brethren as they ate their hay.

The scene is east of Chardon, Ohio, which isn’t known as the snow capital of Ohio for nothing.


VW Microbus Nostalgia Parada

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This is one of those photo ops that came rolling down the road — literally. I was in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park when a parade of Volkswagon micobuses came past.

I know nothing about this event. Perhaps they were all headed toward a meet of VW owners and were traveling in a convoy. Maybe this is what microbus owners do.

These weren’t new VWs, but the kind of microbus that you would have seen on the highways in the 1960s filled with hippie types.

Just as soon as it arrived, the VW convoy was gone.

Buzzing Around for a Photograph

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My objective was to photograph this flowering tree in full bloom. But as I zoomed in on the flowers, I noticed a couple of bees buzzing around, collecting pollen.

That might make a good photograph, I thought. It would have if the bees would only sit still for a few seconds.

But they didn’t. They flew around all over the place, darting here and there in and out of the shadows.

It was difficult to follow and focus on them. I tried the auto focus feature of my camera and I tried focusing manually. I was using a zoom lens so I was back from the tree a short distance.

The bee in this image is not as sharp as I’d like. There must be a trick to doing this. Perhaps I don’t have the right equipment and/or enough experience.

Nonetheless, I liked, overall, how this image turned out with the composition and lighting. At least the blooms stayed in one place as I was photographing.

Floating Housing Development

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I was making my way through Presque Isle State Park near Erie, Pennsylvania, trying to find a lighthouse when I chanced upon something quite unusual. It was a floating housing development.

Countless people have homes or cottages along the water but it was this was the first time I had seen a cluster of homes on the water in a literal sense.

I’m not sure what the story is behind this development or whether the people who inhabit these home do so year-around or if they are just for seasonal use.

I presume they have motor vehicles that they part near their homes for when they need to run into town to get something.

But going to the grocery store involves both a boat and a car, van or truck.

A floating home would not be for someone who gets motion sickness.

Written by csanders429

April 24, 2017 at 4:30 am

Yeah, It’s Big All Right

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This pint-sized visitor to the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum in Tucson is trying her hand at operating a diesel locomotive.

Union Pacific Railroad donated to the museum this locomotive control stand. Of course such things were designed to be operated by adults. But regardless of your age, you can only pretend to be in control of a train going down the tracks.

In the top photograph this little engineer in training has her left hand on the throttle and her right hand on the knob that controls the front headlights. In the bottom photograph, she has both hands on the throttle. All Aboard!

I Found Erie Harbor North Pier Light on the Second Try

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Last summer I paid my first visit to Presque Isle State Park near Erie, Pennsylvania, with the primary purpose of seeing the two lighthouses located there.

It took me a while to find the first of them, Presque Isle Light. I made wrong turns a couple of times and traffic was heavy, it being a Sunday afternoon.

I decided not to even try to find the other lighthouse located in the park, Erie Harbor North Pier Light. That would wait for another day, which turned out to be a weekday in late August after school had started and traffic in the park was much lighter.

I was able to find the lighthouse without any problems, but was slightly disappointed that it was not nearly as grand as Presque Isle Light or a number of other lighthouses that I’ve photographed.

As its name suggests, Erie Harbor North Pier Light is located on a pier. From a photography standpoint, it is best photographed in the afternoon. I was there in the morning.

I have this lighthouse on my list of places to revisit this summer.