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Late Day Venture Onto Lake Erie

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I chose this photograph as my “signature” image at the top of my home page at In part it was because it would lend itself well to the narrow space in which it had to fit, but also because I just liked this image.

There is a golden glow due to the warm light of the late day light. I also liked the wake left behind by the watercraft and the solitary feel of the image.

It is an expansive photograph in the sense that it seems to reach out into infinity. There is a faint horizon but maybe that is a mirage.

The long wake suggests a journey and that is what my Flickr page is about. It is journey through my world of photography.

The image was made in late July 2011. We had gone to Geneva on the Lake, Ohio, to have dinner at a restaurant that has a deck overlooking Lake Erie.

I had my camera with me and you can see what I saw.


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