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Back in 1978 color photography was not common at the newspaper at which I worked in east central Illinois. The paper might publish one color photograph on the front page once or week or less.

It was an involved process. A photograph had to be made on slide film. The slide was sent to a lab to make a negative which the production folks translated into the image that appeared on the press.

It took awhile before the production people figured out how to fine tune this process. Some images didn’t look good when printed.

One old hand in the newsroom said about one image, “it’s was our usual smudge.” He was an older guy who probably thought that black and white had served the paper well for decades and why change that now. We were not USA Today, one of the early pioneers of color photography and graphics.

I wanted to get a color photograph published so I took a box of Ektachrome slide one afternoon to Lincoln Log Cabin state park.

They had a couple of turkeys and I thought that would make a good color image for the front page.  I took several images of the turkeys and this might have been the one that was used.

I don’t know if these turkeys wound up on a dinner table or eventually died a natural death.


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