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Good Morning, Fargo

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I can count on my right hand the number of times I’ve been in Fargo, North Dakota. In all instances I was passing through Fargo on a train.

And so it was with my latest visit in May 2014. I awoke in my sleeping car compartment aboard Amtrak and became aware that the train wasn’t moving.

I pulled back the curtains on the window and spotted a train station. Yeah, that sign on the depot told me where I was.

You’ll notice the image is crooked. I could have leveled it, but wanted to preserve the outline of the window of my compartment to give the sense that I was aboard the train.

I also didn’t want to lose the early rays of the rising sun at the far left edge. That light is what I find most interesting about this image. There are some clouds in the distance over downtown Fargo that also show early morning light even if effect is not as dramatic as it is over the station.

It is that hour of the day when daylight is dawning but the night has not yet relinquished its grip. Like the twilight, this transition from darkness to light has a mystique all its own.

This would be an interestingly day. I would spend all day riding the train and capture sunrise and sunset as the train made its way toward Seattle.


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