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Like Toothpicks on the Side of the Mountain

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The saguaro cactus is widely associated with the American Southwest even though it is confined to a relatively small region.

Tucson Mountain Park is a preserve where you can find a literal forest of saguaros. There are so many of them that they look like tooth picks.

Many images of a saguaro show arms, but not all of these plants develop arms in their lifetime.

The saguaro is concentrated in southern Arizona and western Sonora in Mexico. A few plants can be found in southeast California, but the website of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum describes them as strays.

I first became fascinated by the saguaro forest in Tucson Mountain Park in the late 1970s. When I visited there last October it was my first return trip since the middle 199os.

The park and the cactus still look much the same as I remembered them.


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