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Some Free Jazz in the Crescent City

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We were walking around in the French Quarter of New Orleans when we came Musical Legends Park, a plaza dedicated to the history of the music of Crescent City.

There were statues of Antoine “Fats” Domino, Al “Jumbo” Hirt and Pete Fountain. Most people probably go to New Orleans to eat and drink and, maybe, listen to live music. It is a city, after all, that has a long association with jazz.

The plaza is set up for free concerts given by local musicians. But if you look carefully, you’ll see a large tips jar placed in front of the performers.

We’ve been to New Orleans three times in the past decade and each time we say we’re going to go to a club and listen to live music. But for various reasons we’ve never gotten around to doing that.

The only music we’ve heard in a city known for music has been whatever we’ve heard on the street.

Alas, on this day, the performers shown here were wrapping up their last song. Shorty after I made this image, they packed up and went home. And so did we without having heard much in the way of live music in New Orleans.


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