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The Dawn of a New Day to Represent the Dawn of a New Year

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Sunrise is often called dawn, which in turn is often used in the phrase “the dawn of a new . . . ” It could be a new day, a new era or a new year.

Today marks the start of a new year, 2017, and I’m saluting that with a photograph I made last year of sunrise over New York City as seen from my hotel in New Jersey opposite of Newark Liberty International Airport.

This image was made on a Sunday morning and I purposely got up before dawn to photograph the sun rising over the Big Apple on a mostly clear day aside from a few clouds hovering over Manhattan.

A new year also prompts many to look ahead at what might be coming into their life over the next 365 days.

As I write this, I don’t have any particular plans in mind for my photography. Maybe doing some planning needs to be one of new year’s resolutions.

Yet there is something to be said for letting opportunities come to you. A year ago I didn’t know I’d be traveling to New Jersey and having the opportunity to photograph New York City, even if from a distance.

Sometimes, it is the unexpected pleasures in life that make it all worthwhile.


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