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Yeah, that is a Looonnnngggg Way Down There

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The Willis Tower observation deck in Chicago has a cutout on the west side with glass walls and a glass floor.

It just out a few feet from the side of the building and enables visitors to feel like they are standing in mid-air more than 100 stories above the street.

I have a love-fear thing about height. I love the view you get from way up there, but I fear falling to the ground.

When I initially saw the glass porch jutting out from the side of the Willis Tower, I kept a healthy distance from it. Slowly, I edged closer, but never could bring myself to step all the way out into it.

The logical part of my brain tells me that this structure would not be open to the public if the engineering behind it wasn’t solid.

But the emotional part of my brain tells me that glass is fragile and it doesn’t want to risk the glass cracking and collapsing as I stand there.

What you see here is as far as I was willing to go even the name of getting a good photograph.

I managed to get one foot onto the glass floor of the porch, but not both of them. Maybe next time.


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