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Colorful Blooming of the Lily Pads

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Lily pads are one of those things that I’ve noticed but never given much of a look. You find them on small lakes and they seem to cover certain areas of it like a carpet.

Such was the case on a channel connecting two parts of Lake Ponemah near Linden, Michigan. The channel is shallow and thus our boat trip was slow going. The slow moving water in the channel is ideal for lily pads to flourish.

That gave me an opportunity to study the lily pads, which are actually giant leaves. One thing I learned is that they have flowering blooms of different colors, including yellow, purple and white.

The shallow water enabled me to see how the pad portion of the plant is attach to a stem anchored in the bottom of the lake.

Known to scientists as Nymphaeaceae, they are also common called water lilies, the plants may be pleasing to look at but are considered an invasive plant that can be difficult to eliminate.


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