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Flattened Mountain Top

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I was flying to Phoenix and we were somewhere either over New Mexico or Arizona. The terrain beneath the plane was clearly what I think of when I think of the West, rugged looking and mountainous.

The top of this mountain caught my eye and I had to photograph it.

It appears to be a mesa, which is a elevated area of land that has a flat top and steep sides, often cliffs. Going by that definition, what I saw appears to be a mesa.

Yet what intrigued me about this geographic land form is how smooth the top appears to be. It is as though the top of this mountain has been sheared off and then smoothed over.

I see no evidence of roads, trees or any other evidence of human existence. But maybe that is because I’m viewing it from well up in the air.

I fly to Phoenix twice a year to visit family and always get a window seat and have my camera ready. Every flight seems to reveal another out of the ordinary land form from my perch high in the sky.


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