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Last Light of Day Turns a Mountain Red

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My flight from Cleveland to Phoenix would be over soon. The Boeing 737 was descending as we made our approach into the Valley of the Sun.

I couldn’t see the sun setting from my side of the aircraft, but I could tell by the light on the wings that it was sunset time.

We glided the Superstition Mountains, which are located east of Phoenix and a popular place to visit.

The late day light had the mountains alternating between light and shadows. The peak nearest me must be one of the highest  because it was reflecting the most light.

The warm late-day light has turned the rocks a reddish color.

I don’t know what that lake is it the distance, but given that this is a desert it seems an odd sight to see.

In looking at a map, it appears to be located on the San Carlos Reservation and I may be looking at Pinal Peak.

The light was fading fast and within a few minutes I would be on the ground and off into the darkness of night.


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