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Sunday Morning in Downtown Akron, Ohio

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It’s Sunday morning in downtown Akron, Ohio. Like so many center city neighborhoods in so many rust belt cities the downtown district of Akron is largely quiet on Sundays.

Traffic is minimal and few people are walking on the sidewalks. Most offices are closed. There is not enough open retail to draw people to shop on a Sunday morning.

This image was made at the intersection of South Main and East Bowery streets. This is the heart of the government district, where various offices of Summit County and the city are clustered.

Those offices aren’t open on Sunday so few have reason to be here.

Looking down Bowery reveals a small canyon  of limestone buildings casting shadows on the street as their upper floors absorb the late morning sunlight. It is a view that says urban America.

The offices will reopen on Monday morning and the pace of life here will pick up as the sidewalks fill with pedestrians and the streets fill with cars, trucks and buses.

It won’t have quite the busy feel that it did several decades ago before the advent of urban sprawl, but we all know that story all too well.


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