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I Wasn’t Looking For it But Felt Like I had Found It

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I was driving through Peninsula, Ohio, on a sunny autumn afternoon en route to a part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park that I had never visited. Peninsula was just on the way.

As I made my way down Main Street, a structure I had seen dozens of times caught my attention as though someone had turned a spotlight on it just as I passed by.

I don’t know if this has always been a store or if it s a home converted into a store. It is now a gift shop.

At the moment I was driving past, it was starting to become late afternoon and the sunlight bathed the front of this shop in warm light.

Maybe it was the display of pumpkins and corn stalks that got my attention. But something about it all but screamed at me to make an image of it.

What it was that it had it sure had it to make me want to photograph it.

I didn’t stop and do that immediately. I had a destination I wanted to visit, but made a note to stop in Peninsula on my way back and photograph this storefront with the nice autumn display.

By the time I got back the lighting wasn’t as powerful as it had been. A thin cloud layer was moving in and filtering the sunlight.

But I made the image anyway because, well, something told me I just had to have this image.


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