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A Rainbow Outside My Motel Window

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Although I’ve seen many rainbows, I’ve only been able to photograph a few  of them and most of those images did not turn out that well.

This is one of the better rainbows I’ve managed to capture even with a cluttered foreground.

The story begins in a motel room in East Tawas, Michigan. I was pretty tired and got into bed early.

Outside a rain shower moved through, but I scarcely noticed it. But then I became aware that the light outside seemed to get brighter.

I pulled back the curtains and spotted this rainbow. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my camera and made a few images.

A better background would be Tawas Bay a few blocks down the street. I threw on some clothes and drove down there, but by the time I reached park, the rainbow was nearly gone.

So this would have to do as far as my best image of this particular rainbow.


Written by csanders429

November 30, 2016 at 6:37 am

Let’s Give Snoopy a Treat.

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He doesn’t look anything like the famous comic strip dog Snoopy. That dog is a beagle, but not this Snoopy.

This Snoopy lives in Saginaw, Michigan, and is owned by a college friend of my wife. We were visiting on our way to visit family members.

As we grilled steaks on a backyard grill, Snoopy kept hanging around. He knew what was going on. So Barbara gave him a small morsel and he seemed happy with it.

Written by csanders429

November 29, 2016 at 6:25 am

Slapping on the Paint

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I would not think that painting a water tower is a job with a high degree of difficulty, but it does come with a requirement that would rule me and many others out.

You have to stand on a platform held up by long ropes and dangling high above the ground.

I know I wouldn’t have the nerve to do this work no matter how much someone offered to pay me.

These two men are painting the water tower in Durand, Michigan. I wasn’t watching them that closely, but they seemed to be slapping it on quite quickly.

Not that they have much time to enjoy it, but I bet the view from up there is nice.

Written by csanders429

November 28, 2016 at 6:40 am

Last Light of Day Turns a Mountain Red

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My flight from Cleveland to Phoenix would be over soon. The Boeing 737 was descending as we made our approach into the Valley of the Sun.

I couldn’t see the sun setting from my side of the aircraft, but I could tell by the light on the wings that it was sunset time.

We glided the Superstition Mountains, which are located east of Phoenix and a popular place to visit.

The late day light had the mountains alternating between light and shadows. The peak nearest me must be one of the highest  because it was reflecting the most light.

The warm late-day light has turned the rocks a reddish color.

I don’t know what that lake is it the distance, but given that this is a desert it seems an odd sight to see.

In looking at a map, it appears to be located on the San Carlos Reservation and I may be looking at Pinal Peak.

The light was fading fast and within a few minutes I would be on the ground and off into the darkness of night.

Didn’t Know You Could Do This

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I’ve been to Indigo Lake in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park many times, but only once have a I see a boat in the water.

I didn’t know that boats were allowed in the lake, which is the remains of a quarry.

But last September I noticed a man in a boat fishing. I have seen people fishing in the lake before, but never from a boat.

Presumably, he had to carry his boat in and out because there is no boat launch.

At the End of Another Day

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Maybe it was a good day, maybe it was a bad day or maybe it was just another day. But no matter what type of day that I’m having or have had I never fail to be impressed or even to take note of another colorful sunset. Nature’s beauty is enough to lead me to pause and enjoy it even if for just a moment or two. Shown is a sunset near Oak Creek, Arizona.

There’s a Reason for This Odd Shape

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If this utility line structure looks a little odd, there is a reason for that.

It was designed to straddle a railroad track holding hopper cars of coal for a nearby power plant.

Today that railroad and the power plant are gone, but the utility line still stands in the Gorge Metropark straddling Akron and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The former railroad right of way is a trail in the park.

Many, if not most, people who walk this trail probably don’t know why this support structure is shaped as it is. I might not have known either if someone had not explained it to me.

Written by csanders429

November 23, 2016 at 8:12 am