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My First Lighthouse

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Most of my lighthouse photography has focused on the Great Lakes because I live near Lake Erie and have made trips to Michigan.

But my first lighthouse photograph was made far from there.

It was the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse on the coast of Maine. I had to do some research to figure out the name of this lighthouse. Back in October 1978 when I made this image, I was not good about recording what and where I had photographed.

I figured I could remember what it was and where it was. At the time it was enough to know I had made this image in Maine.

If my memory of where this lighthouse was faulty, I remember as though it was yesterday how this image came to be. I had spent the day exploring Acadia National Park. It was getting late and about time to head back to Bangor, where I was staying.

I happened upon this lighthouse and was intrigued by the late day light playing upon it. I made a few image of it on slide film and left.

Upon returning to Illinois and having my film developed, I decided to have an enlargement made of this scene, which I thought was one of the best images that I made on a trip that included visits to Vermont, New York and Massachusetts.

My Dad made a frame for the photo and it hung in my bedroom and, later, my apartment in Indiana.

But life has a way of changing. I got married and the Maine lighthouse photo didn’t have a future in the decor of our homes. It sat in storage for awhile before being discarded.

This is still one of my favorite photographs from that long ago trip. Perhaps some day I’ll get it printed again.

For now this image continues to bring back pleasant memories of a journey I made long ago when I just getting started in photography.


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