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They Jumped Anyway

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There are a number of signs on this pier in Grand Haven, Michigan, warning the public not to swim or jump into the water.

This include an exhibit telling the stories of people who have drowned here because of the swift currents.

In fact, the signs suggest that people not walk out on the pier at all. But short of putting up a high fence, trying to keep people away is a losing cause. Many, including myself, want to walk out to the lighthouse and see the lake and the Lake Michigan shore line.

I was not surprised that these three young boys decided to make the pier into a diving board. Those who entered the water here and did not live to tell about it had also been young males.

They don’t think anything bad is going to happen to them. And most of the time it doesn’t.

The romp in the water that these boys had did not end in tragedy. Most of those who swim here come out of the water alive.

You can only warn people so many times about the dangers that may not be apparent. But as the exhibit at the entrance to pier warns, not everyone has made it back.


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