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An Old HoJo Evokes Nostalgia

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Judging by the shape of this building I’m pretty sure it used to house the office of a Howard Johnson motor lodge.

There was a time when HoJo played a major part in my life. That was back in my childhood days when we would take a two-week vacation every August, often going east.

We often stayed at a Howard Johnson because it was clean, economical and usually had a restaurant attached. Oh, how I miss those tendersweet fried clams they used to serve.

At the time, HoJo restaurants were noted for having multiple flavors of ice cream, 33 of them if I remember correctly.

If we were there on a day when they were having a fish fry or a clam fry, that a highlight of my day.

Those days didn’t last. I can’t remember the last time I stayed in a Howard Johnson property. I recently read there is just one Howard Johnson restaurant left in America.

There is still a Howard Johnson hotel chain although I seldom see their properties.

Every so often I see a former HoJo motor lodge office that has been re-purposed. This one is located on U.S. 20 at the interchange with Interstate 90 near the Pennsylvania-New York border.

Although it is used to promote fireworks, the store selling them is to the right.

Out of a sense of nostalgia I stopped to make this photograph. This building no doubt looked better when it had an orange roof.


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