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I found myself at the Three Rivers Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana, by happenstance. I had ridden a steam train into town from Detroit and during the layover most passengers explored the festival that was being held downtown.

This art class was part of the festivities and I’m not sure if this boy is as enthusiastic as his mother is about painting. But he is giving it his best. Maybe it will be the beginning of a life-long passion or just one of those things you do because your parents brought you along.

We can all relate to what that boy might be going through. We all have been in situations where we didn’t really want to be there, but mom or dad or both brought us along.

Soon enough this boy will be old enough that he’ll have more freedom to make his own choices about what to do with his time. Will he spend it making paintings? Who knows?

He may forget the art class on this Sunday afternoon or he might remember it fondly.


Written by csanders429

August 21, 2016 at 4:52 am

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