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Endless Road

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x-Illinois south of Neoga 800 N Centerline Road

When I was a kid growing up in east central Illinois, I used to imagine that the many country roads that we sometimes traveled extended for very long distances. I used to wonder about how we could have followed one of the roads we traveled most often, known as Old State Road, all the way to St. Louis.

Of course, most of these roads didn’t go all that far. Old State Road only extended to the next county over before coming to an end at a T intersection.

It would have been possible to travel these back roads over long distances, but that would have added hours to a trip and require knowledge of the road network.

As I look at this image of a rural road south of Neoga, Illinois, I’m reminded of how many years ago it seemed as though these roads extended off toward the next state.

In reality this road, known as Centerline Road, only extends another couple of miles from where I’m standing.



Written by csanders429

August 20, 2016 at 6:40 am

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