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1920s Elegance Restored

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Summerail 2016 02

I’ve driven past the Palace Theater in Marion, Ohio, many times over the years. I could tell it was a theater but knew little else about it.

That changed this year when Summerail 2016 came to the Palace. It’s a day-long event featuring multi-media programs of photographs of railroad operations set to music.

I wasn’t expecting the Palace to be as opulent or large as it is. Built in 1928, it features a Moorish courtyard motif with lights in the ceiling mimicking stars in the sky.

During an intermission, I got up on the stage to make this image of the seating area. I really could have used a tripod to get a good image as the room was rather dark.

The Palace is still an active venue today with all manner of programming. Yet, I couldn’t help but think how it is a throwback to another era when people came to theaters like this for entertaining rather than hunkering down in front of a television set, a computer screen or burying their nose in a smart phone.


Written by csanders429

August 16, 2016 at 5:11 am

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