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RIP Day Lilies! See You Next Year

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I made a startling discovery today. All of the day lilies that line our driveway and the east side of the garage are gone. Oh, the plants are still there. But the blooms are finished for the season.

When did that happen?

I could have sworn that just a day or so ago they were in full bloom. And now they are gone?

Mary Ann says that the day lilies began blooming earlier this year due to abnormally warm winter. So they must have played out earlier, too.

I was going to photograph them in all of their glory, but you can guess what happened. I’ll do it tomorrow. In the past, there always seemed to be a tomorrow for the day lilies.

It is still early July. Last year I took photographs of the day lilies on July 21. I know that because I had just gotten my new camera the day before and I wanted to check it out.

But this isn’t last year and day lilies don’t last forever.

There are number of plants like that at our house that have a brief, but sweet, season. I know that but every year it still seems to surprise and dismay me when that season is over.

But I just started to enjoy the lilac bush. Too late! It’s still there, but the blooms are gone. Wait ‘til next year. Ditto the tulips.

Everything seems to have a short season except the crab grass. It is doing just fine.

The day lilies will be back. Next year I better not dawdle. But I’ve said that before.


Written by csanders429

July 4, 2012 at 4:35 pm

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