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2 Perspectives of Cleveland

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The skyline of Cleveland like that of any city can be captured in any number of locations that show a wide range of perspectives of the city.

The top image was made from an overlook in Edgewater Park west of downtown. It was late afternoon.

The overlook sits on a bluff providing an expansive view of Lake Erie.

The bottom photograph shows a more gritty side of the city. It was made from the Flats. Traditionally an industrial area, the Flats has been transformed into a touristy section of town with bars and restaurants.

Yet some traces of the industrial heritage remain and have been repurposed into other uses.


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March 16, 2018 at 5:50 am

What Big Paws You Have

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At the front entrance to the Palmer Museum of Art on the campus of the Pennsylvania State University are two oversize bronze casting of cat paws.

Presumably, they are of a Nittany Lion, which is the school’s mascot.

Representations of the Nittany Lion can be found throughout the campus, with the most famous one being the limestone lion located near the Nittany Lion Inn.

But to my knowledge these are the largest and only bronze lion paws on campus.

Jackson Square in the Fog

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It was our last day in New Orleans. We had several hours to kill before our train left early in the afternoon.

As dawn broke, the French Quarter was shrouded in fog. Although we were staying at a bed and breakfast, we decided to go have breakfast at a diner.

But first I had images to make of the city in the fog, the first time I had seen that.

Shown is Saint Louis Cathedral, which looms over Jackson Square.

That is Andrew Jackson on the horse in front of the church. Note the photographer also taking advantage of the fog to make an image of the church and statue.


Ya Think They Grow Apples Here?

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We were driving northbound on Interstate 81 in Virginia when I spotted this water tank in Mount Jackson. I could be wrong, but something tells me that the locals here take great pride in growing apples.



Wait ’till Next Year

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As this is written at the end of the first full week of March, the Indiana University men’s basketball team is done for the season.

The Hoosiers lack a “resume” good enough to be chosen for an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament and their body of work is not likely to be good enough to even land in the National Invitation Tournament.

It’s wait until next year for coach Archie Miller and his players.

But on the wall of a building on Kirkwood Avenue near the IU campus, it is always basketball season.

The scene depicts a game at Assembly Hall, where Indiana plays its home games. Although the name of the opponent is not specified, the uniform colors suggest that it is arch-rival Kentucky.

The two schools used to play each other regularly, but in recent years have yet to agree on a contract to resume the series.


Up With the Sun in the Desert

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For most of my life I was never an earlier riser, particularly when I didn’t need to be. But in recent years that has changed.

Consequently, I’m seeing more sunrises than I once did. During a trip to Arizona more than a year ago I got up before sunrise to make this series of images of the sun rising over the Santa Catalina Mountains northeast of Tucson.

It was not as dramatic as the sunset I had seen the previous evening, but I still enjoyed seeing the rising sun color the clouds over the mountains and hearing the birds chirping as a new day began in the Sonoran Desert.


Playing His Music For Tips

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I have a thing about photographing street musicians. They make for some interesting images and I’d bet there are some interesting stories behind why they are playing on the street and not in some venue that charges admission.

Some probably are not good enough to play for pay but music is their passion and they play to hustle tips. It has to be a hard life.

There are probably other reasons why they are on the street and not playing Carnegie Hall starting with the fact that not every musician is going to be able to rake in the big bucks from expensive stadium tours and buku record sales.

You have to be able to market yourself and that takes time, effort and talent that the typical street musician probably doesn’t have. You also have to have some luck.

But they enjoy entertaining so playing on the streets is a way to do that. Maybe they make more money from tips than I know.

This guy is playing his saxophone by the Mississippi River in New Orleans.


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March 7, 2018 at 7:36 am