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Out There in the Desert

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Movies set in 19th century Western America have to be made somewhere and one place where that occurs is an amusement park called Old Tucson.

Located in the Sonora Desert west of Tucson, Arizona, Old Tucson bills itself as a place to turn back time to the old west and experience “live action stunt shows, musicals and live entertainment, vintage rides for the kids, genuine southwest BBQ and special events throughout the season.”

Of course that is a Hollywood version of the old west, but it has been used as a set for such stars as John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Taylor, Steve Martin, Sharon Stone and Martin Short.

More than 400 film and television projects have been made here since 1939.

I’ve never been inside Old Tucson, but I have driven past it while en route to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. It is shown above in a distant view made from the nearby mountains.


Want to Park Your Boat Out Front?

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I’ve never owned nor had any desire to have a boat, but I a lot of people do and some of them probably have dreamed about being to park their boat next to their house.

If you live in a certain section of Vermilion, Ohio, you can do that.

This boat friendly housing development was created by digging canals off the Vermilion River near where it the waterway empties into Lake Erie.

Presumably, there are alleys behind the houses to allow access by motor vehicles.

Written by csanders429

February 16, 2018 at 6:51 am

Not Gonna Open My Eyes

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Yeah, I knew you are making photographs of me and you want me to open my eyes, but I’m in the middle of a nap in the afternoon sunlight and that’s more important than any photograph you want to make. Come back in a couple of hours and maybe I’ll be awake.

Written by csanders429

February 15, 2018 at 7:08 am

Climbing on Cleveland

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In advance of the 2016 Republican National Convention held in Cleveland the civic group Destination Cleveland had three script Cleveland signs made and placed at high-traffic locations in town.

They were originally created to provide photo backdrops for visitors that would, presumably, be spread far and wide on social media.

The signs have also proven to be wildly popular with Cleveland region residents who have used them for photographs for all manner of occasions, including weddings and individual and group portraits.

The number of script Cleveland signs has grown to five with one of them being positioned in the baggage claim area of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Other signs are located at the North Coast Harbor adjacent to the East 9th St. Pier and behind the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1001 E. 9th St.); the Tremont Abbey Avenue Overlook (1430 Abbey Ave.); at Edgewater Park; and at Euclid Beach Park.

In the image above, a small boy climbs on the sign in Edgewater Park with the city’s downtown skyline towering in the background along with Lake Erie.

It’s Mardi Gras Time

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There is no better time to visit New Orleans than during Mardi Gras. There also is no better time to avoid New Orleans than during Mardi Gras.

I’ve been to the Crescent City several times, but have always coincided my visits to avoid Mardi Gras. But not to worry because New Orleans doesn’t need an excuse to hold a parade and throw beads.

Such was the case on March 14, 2012, which was well after Fat Tuesday, AKA Mardi Gras, and the last day of the carnival season in the Big Easy.

I have no idea why this parade was being held or who sponsored it. But there were some colorful floats and beads for the catching.

Such impromptu celebrations are what gives New Orleans its charm.

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February 13, 2018 at 8:48 am

Beauty of Hoar Frost

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I don’t get many opportunity to photograph hoar frost, a deposit of  ice crystals. Not unlike the formation of dew, hoar frost restuls from condensation of water vapor to ice at temperatures below freezing and occurs when air is brought to its frost point through cooling.

Not long ago a friend and I encountered hoar frost along the Grand River in Painesville, Ohio.

It was a sunny day and those ice crystals were melting before out eyes. Still, hoar frost creates a beauty unique to winter

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February 9, 2018 at 6:37 am

Golden Reflection

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A building going on overlooking Baltimore’s Inner Harbor had gold siding that casts a golden glow in the waters by the Baltimore World Trade Center. The latter is partly visible at right. I don’t know what the building is that is under construction but I would guess that it will be a hotel, condominiums or apartments.

Although the skies were most sunny when we arrived in Baltimore, a massive bank of clouds would roll in before we left. The area in the foreground is cordoned off to encourage the development of aquatic life.